Blue lights over Plymouth

I was traveling east bound on 30 when about a mile outside of Plymouth when I noticed a faint blue light out of my peripheral vision above the town.  It was about 7:50 Sunday evening, EDT October 18th, 2010.  I have my pilot’s license so I’m familiar with standard color lights on aircraft’s, and blue is not one of them!

As I reached the outskirts of town, the blue light became more prevalent.  The aircraft had an odd flight pattern, which seemed to bob up and down then held stationary low above the sky line.  As I entered town, I could see that there was 2 lights spaced apart, not just one.  The blue lights was very bright, intense and constant.  It was not like a beacon light from the tail of an airplane or helicopter, which gives off quick flashes of light.  The aircraft looked like it was hovering above the Walmart plaza about 500 feet.  I rolled down my window as I was passing it to see if I could hear it.  I heard no sound from it.  At that distance, if it was a helicopter, you could have heard that very distinctly.

It remained there as I was leaving town.  I know there is an airport just north of 30 but I saw nothing that I could explain what I just saw nor have I ever experienced.  Maybe there are some pilots flying out of Plymouth have seen this phenomenon?  I’m sure others had witnessed what I saw last nite.  I sure would like to know what I saw.