Did UFOs Visit Medina, NY’s Iroquois Job Corp?

I attended the Iroquois Job Corp Center in Medina, NY in the summer of 1978. I was fifteen. We had a fair amount of freedom, and day or night I occasionally walked along the roads singing and observing the caterpillars and baby garden snakes. One day I saw this weird circular depression in the wild grass and weeds about a foot and a half  from the side of the road. It was about 5 feet in diameter and I couldn’t fathom what kind of machine could flatten tall blades of grass so flat  and neat that they looked glossy. They were strangely interwoven and swirled (not sure whether it was clockwise). I got away from that circle as fast as I could, because seeing it made me shiver with fear. It made me feel weird like I was in danger.

       God! if I only knew then what I know now, I would never have been out on that road in the pitch black night. Never! And I would not have gone exploring in the woods with my friends  though is was fun. And I certainly wouldn’t have went walking with them (4or 5 paired off as couples, basically) to a nearby town (that started with the letter ‘A‘, I think) in the dark (though it was daytime when we started out).

       I now suspect the trip wasn’t as uneventful as it appeared: The night we decided to take the long walk”I guess it was Tibbets Road”to a bar was a bit chilly and after a while extremely dark. About fifteen minutes before we arrived, we were spotted by a JCC employee driving to the center. We made it to the bar with just enough time left for me to pee and buy some peanut butter cups”I didn’t come for booze. A van soon arrived to pick us up, and we were officially declared AWOL, herded into the van and told that we’d be written up and disciplined. The trip back was also seemingly uneventful.

       One of my male friends commented in the van that the trip to the bar took over an hour when it should only have taken about twenty minutes. Stranger still, he noticed (and so did I) that the ride back to the dorms went faster than it should have, that it was all very strange because it seemed like we only just got in the van a short few minutes ago. I wish I could remember more of that conversation. My friends and me only talked about that night twice, the following morning then a few weeks later when I asked why we hadn’t received our disciplines. We never did.

       Weeks later I ended up running around in an open field surrounded by moonlit fog so thick I couldn’t see my hand placed before my face. Within a month or two, I’d had two invasion-type UFO dreams that were quite vivid and emotion-filled.

       In 1989 I began dreaming about UFOs and Aliens at the rate of about two or three a month. Then out of the blue a memory of that night on the dark road flashed in my head of its own volition. I told myself I was creating this memory, but it would pop into my head when I’d be reading about missing time or thinking about what the connection between me and the UFO dreams. The memory is brief: I’m standing with my friends, them near the curb of the road and me about a yard away. To my right (their left) is a dark round disk hovering in the air at head level. If not for some colored lights from its edge, we could not have seen it. I have a sense of the craft moving forward past me then lowering to the ground. There was no fear. That’s all I remember. I have a feeling there was some interaction between us and the craft.

       I’d love to do hypnosis and see if we did encounter something along the way. Is it a coincidence that I twice dreamed I was on the road where I’d seen the crop circle, and that UFOs began to appear in the sky? I knew they were coming for me, and I had no intention of being the willing sitting duck, so I escaped through the woods to a bar. I certainly don’t think it’s a coincidence that the very same two UFO dreams I had at JCC in 1978, repeated in seeming identical detail in 1989. The UFO dreams continued from 1989 till about 2002 when they finally tapered off to almost nil. Now, maybe twice a year, I’ll dream about UFOs cruising by a building I’m in or dream that I’ve been returned from an abduction.

       I began seeing those Aliens so clearly, I think they put a stop to it somehow. Perhaps because of this realistic ‘dream‘, I hardly ever see their faces anymore: I was asleep on my stomach and awoke to someone climbing ever so gently over my legs. I could feel that they were in mid climb with their feet on either side of my parted legs. I thought to myself, “Who the hell is this?” I turned my head to see a short, slender, olive-skinned ET (classic Grey) standing on my bed (which was in front of a fire escape window), and looking down at me with those dark, almond-shaped eyes. I don’t know who was more surprised me or him (seemed like a ‘him’). I mentally asked in an exasperated tone, “Where do you think you’re going?” We stared at each other, and I could sense him wondering how was it that I could see him. I still laugh when I think about how surprised we both were. The next thing, I’m jumping up and down in the dream all excited, saying repeatedly, “I saw an Alien! I saw an Alien!” I swear this is true. I’m not clever enough to make this stuff up.

       If anyone would like to comment about the goings on in the Medina area or share their dreams, experiences or opinions, you’re welcome to email me at [email protected]. What you say is between us. Thanks for reading and keep visiting Unexplainable.Net! I’ll be back with more.