Ghost in my house!

Unexplainable.Net has received this personal ghost story from Davey Kingman. We give no guarantee of it’s authenticity.

Davey Kingman writes– The other day I was having a shave and in the mirror when I noticed a faded figure behind me, wich seemed to be watching me. I turned immediatley to see if this was real. To my horror it was all to real and the figure laughed and floated it seemed towards me….

It was a women wearing edwardian style clothing… She stared me straight in the eye smiled and vanished. This is the single most scary and shocking thing I’ve ever seen and completely changed my perspective on paranormal things. I now fear going into my upstairs bathroom. 

I delved into the history of my house and I found that in the past there was a women there who died quite young from an unknown disease shortly after her husband dissapeared. I am now looking to buy a new house i no longer feel safe in my own.