Hello, my name is Jennifer and I was abducted

Because of the very fact that you are reading this, i must assume that you “belive”. This is not the fourm for those of you who doubt the existance of extratresrials. So if you dont belive, please leave now and STOP WASTING MY TIME. So let me tell you a little about my self….

Jennifer (showing...umm..braces)

My name is Jennifer and im 11. My birthday is March 17 so im realy , kinda sorta 12 ish, but not quite. Im a geek. My IQ is 170. I dont have friends because i hate them. My fav subjects in school are math and science.

I have so much much to yell you so please be patient.



mY MOM is a pediatric cardiologist (thats a special dr who treats childrens’ heart problems) I have 3 sisters. My older sister is Caitlin and shes 15. She a pain in the ass. Next my younger sister is Melissa, shes 10. We share a bedroom so we fight alot but i love her.  (lol). Then, theres my baby sister, Courtney, shes 5. Shes cool, but defantly a major pain.

On Sept 11 2001 my dad was killed when the WTC was destroyd. I miss him very much. I cried for months but I know that wont bring him back.

The only friend I have is Leslie, my nuro-feedback theripst. I tell her evverything.  I love her like my mom. She dose all kinds of cool stuff together. She helped me alot with all of my sadness.  

My theripest Leslie!!!

Now since im better,Lesie like to “experiment” on me kinda like doing cool things with brainwaves and hyptontizing me and stuf like that which I think is realy cool. Its al most like she “time-shares” me with my mom! But i love her very much. Leslie is divorced and has 2 sons in collage there 19, 21.

OK enough about me.


2 YEARS AGO I WAS taken abord a ufo and had things implanted body. One of the devices is in my belybutton and one is in my brain. OK Im scared. Only half of me is scared the  other half thinks its cool. yeah, i told you im aGEEK!   ok later more next entry!      I love all of you who belive me. I hate all of you who dont!