How “The Second Coming” Enlightened a Woman, Giving her “Revelations”.

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“5) Are you dating a guy who is perfect in every way, except one? Whether it’s his looks, clothes, habits or anything. Do wanting to change something about your mate?”

Well, the man who I am living with right now is perfect in every way. He is kind, loving, gentile easy to get along with. He has a successful high paying job as a Physicist oh, AND he’s French. Got to love that language and accent. Perfect in every way, well, all except for the fact that he is shy, introverted and completely lacks any sense of spiritual foundation or understanding. Completely closed and turned of by any thing which is spiritual, and otherwise impalipable.. Quite possibly due to, well.. being a (highly ‘secular’) French scientist. He is SO shy and introverted around me that I can safely say that I am a LION and he is a MOUSE.

Well, due to these differences and the promise of 0 growth in our relationship. I must soon leave him. Period. End of story. You know how the old saying goes: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”. C’est la vie!

So, anyway WHY do I claim to be so superior to my current mate?

I would only have to credit my current skills, strength, understanding and limitless room for growth to the Santa Monica man, known as Andrew Magliolo.

Having had lived with and learned from this man, I can safely say that the old girl who moved in with him DIED, and I was “ressurrected” through his loving and insightful ways. Thank goodness, because that old girl saw no ‘light’ at the end of her reality tunnel. He not only pulled me out of that dark “reality tunnel”, he allowed me to see life as it really is for the very first time.

Allow me to attach an essay I completed yesterday, in order to further express to you the great deal of revrence I have for this unfathomably sagacious and highly charasmatic, pure-intentioned individual.

Oh, by the way.. Do you believe in “Telekenetic abilities”? Well, I did not know exactly what to think about it my self, until after I had been with him for a time and had accidentally ‘stumbled’ upon preforming such an act “on my own”.

It is my belief that any film writer in the world would surely miss out the opportunity of creating the biographical and factually based film of a lifetime, by passing up this brilliant facet on the face of human evolution.