I went to Texas

I saw the chainsaw man, in Texas, in that small town, it wasn’t like the movie, it was worse. It was August 21, 2005 and me and my 6 friends decided to go on a road trip and go see if the legend was true, we were really brave, and really dumb.

We live in Austin, Texas, so we drove for about 4 days because we like to waste time and take pictures. Anyways, we got to the entrance of the town and the first thing we saw was dead bodies, everywhere! We decided to turn back but we got lost and everything around the van was dead bodies. I was so afraid, my friend, Sara, was crying and I was crying myself. Then we drove by a sign that said GAS STATION 2 MILES UP so we’re like, ‘If there’s a gas station, then there’s a phone.’ So we went as fast as we could to get to the station. We get there and it’s a piece of crap, everything is nasty there was dead mice and i think toes were on the floor. And there was an old man sitting in a chair smoking a cigarrette and we asked him if there was a phone, he said, “No, we ain’t got no phone here, Ill get the deputy from the back room.” So he calls and the deputy comes and we get in his car then my boyfriend Trevor asks, “Um sir while we were driving we saw dead bodies everywhere maybe you could check that out.” “There ain’t no dead bodies and there never was no dead bodies. Son, you just shut up and stop talkin’ your dumb language!” Then my friend shelby said, “Uh… sir, we are not dumb I know what we saw and we’re not dumb, take us to a phone so we can go home!” Shelby was a speak-her-mind kinda girl.

So he took us to a nasty old house and then i said, “Ok, me, shelby and trevor will go inside and find a phone you guys stay here.” The deputy was gone so we were stranded. we knocked on the door and nobody answered so we just opened the door and walked in we kept calling for somebody to answer but nobody did. We didn’t find a phone neither. We looked in every room in the house except for the basement and the attic. so we all went up to the attic and saw toy boxes and baby stuff. So we went to the basement… Trevor went downstairs first because he was the most brave, and he kept boasting and saying oh my god, you guys are scared nobody is here! then we heard a gasping noice and screams of help! we ran down the stairs tripping and falling well because it was dark.

Me and Shelby walked down and call for him and i started to cry… this was very hard for me to write this. then, we run back upstairs and to get my friends sara, tyler, and garren. we run back down stairs and call for his name over and over again and again. Suddenly, we heard a faint maddi, maddi. we ran to the little noice in the corner and what we saw was unexplainable…

There he was lying on the corner with nails in his back  tyler and garren bended down and carefully pulled the nails outta of trevors back. sara, shelby, and me were crying uncontrolablly. blood was everywhere on the floor, on the hands of tyler and garren and on my boyfriend, trevor. it was the most horrible and sad experience i have ever encountered. tyler and garren pick up trevor and pull him upstairs. blood was squirting out of his back. i untied me and saras bandanas and tied them around his back. then we here a chainsaw and me and shelby and sara turn around and see the scariest creature that was ever seen on the face of the earth. we all scream terrified and we run outside we still could hear the chainsaw rumbling so we run into the field of corn. we hear the chainsaw getting closer and closer and closer which each step we take. Tyler says, “Stay down and be quiet do not leave anybody behind stay together.” we all agree and duck down. sara was crying quietly on Tylers chest. maddi was crying on trevors shoulder. and shelby was crying on garren. then suddenly the chainsaw stops and we hear rustling of corn and we hold on tight to our boyfriends shirts. then garren sneezes and the chainsaw phyco starts walking towards us in one angle i could see his ugly face. Trevor whispers softly, “Crawl quietly away.” so we do and climb over the 4 foot fence. then we reahc an abanded car and tyler punches the window and it breaks and we unlocks the door and unlocks all the other doors and we climb in and lock the door.

the shelby thinks, “didnt you bring your cellphone maddi?” and then i say, “oh yeah wait,” i pulled it out of my pocket and then garren says,” you dumb blonde!” then he slapped me and then trevor gets mad and starts to punch garren in the face and tyler breaks them up. then i dial 911 and then somebody answers then i say, “HELP HELP! we’re in the middle of no where and some guy with a chainsaw is chasing us!” “ill get help! ok, ill get help, is there any gas…” “OH SHIT! MY CELLPHONE DIED!” we all get scared and crouch down and hope to god that the chainsaw man doesn’t come. sara looks to see i anyone is coming and she says, “maddi, the chainsaw man is coming!” “shhh…. be quiet and dont move!”  then i look up with my eyes not moving at all and see him, 6 feet, stringy hair deformed face with a bloody chainsaw looking in all the cars. he looks through the car that we were in and didnt see anything, because we were all wearing dark clothes. then he leaves and we get out of the car silently and slowly.

then, we walk back in the corn field and think of a plan to get back to our van. so we decided to seperate sara, tyler and shelby go and find help while me, trevor and garren go and find the car. so we split up and  walk in different directions. me garren and trevor go past the possessed house and ran sneakellypast it. walk down 2 miles and get the van, trevor was still bleeding badly. we filled up out van with gas and went up 2 more miles. 2 hours later we go back into the corn field and find the rest of our friends. we run down the est side of the cornfiled, sneak past the evil house and run to the van. we get in the van and drive down the road all relieved and happy then shelby said, “trevo we’ll get you to a hospital and go to the police and report this.” while we were about 6 miles almost leaving because we bought a map of the city, the van stops and we climb out of the car and look around the van and see that all the tires are flat. “WHAT THE HELL?” yells Tyler. “I guess we can walk it’s better then being stranded here and being live bait for the phyco chain saw dude.” said garren.

right before we start to walk the deputy pulls over and says,”find a phone?” “no, we didnt actually some guy with a chainsawwas trying to kill us!” yelled garren. “oh, well, it looks like we gotta us a couple of them flat tires, let me chain your van and take it to a repair shop.” “what about my boyfriend trevor?” i asked, he lost a lot of blood. “what the hell happened to him?” “well the house you left us at… well somebody lives there!” “what? nobody has lived there for about 25 years! i just thought there would be a phone.” “then why di you leave us there, there is a man with a chainsaw that stuck nails into my boyfriends back! we lost a lot of blood he might die! dont you have a local hospital or know where a hospital might be?” “yeah, let me drive yall back into town so you guys can get him to a hospital.” so we go back into the town, stupid we are and the deputy takes us to the repair shop and knocks on the door. “hello? hello?” called the deputy. then on the duputys walkie talkie what seems to be the repair man answered and said, “duputy? come in duputy!” “im here where are you? we got a couple of teenagers needin’ some of them new tires theres got all flat we need you down here A.S.A.P.” “Alright, ill be there 10/4.” “10/4.” he’ll be here in about 20 minutes, meanwhile you teens just hangtight, i have to go do some business around the town grocery store, bye-bye.”

“bye thanks.” said everybody. “that duputy scares me, he looks supisious.”

then the chainsaw sound comes into the scene and he slices off garrens head. in panic, everbody screams and runs away. forgetting trevor i grab him and tyler helps me and we run as fast as the wind. the chainsaw man runs after us reering his chainsaw with powerful rage.

we run 4 miles and see the deputys car with the keys still in it and drive off.

“oh my god, get us out of here!” yells sara. crying, shelby says, “garren died. hes gone, my babys gone!” we all cry while tyler drives. then trevor shakes tylers shoulders and he says softly, “tyler hurry, i might die im in so much pain.” “dont worry we’re almost out of the town.” i go over to him and i say, “baby, we’re almost there.”

we drive back into our hometown an take trevor to the hospital we call our parents and told them whta happened the police call us and interview and press and the media flashing pictures and asking questions it seemed like a blur.

I’m 18, my name is madison thomas and the chainsaw massacare is true.