Iraq Soldier Hangs Himself Instead Of Going Back to War

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Signal Soldier Kills Himself Rather Than Return To Battle.

(Story From December) marco, 15.02.2005 01:21

I’m typing through tears on this one. I hope that
doesn’t get taken the wrong way; this hit me hard.
Marcy Spicuzza just published a story about 25 year
old Sgt. Curtis Greene of the 331st Signal Company.
Hanged himself. Ah where to begin. Story reprint,
and I’ll end with just a note or two of my own feelings.


SPRING HILL – The words haunt Lisset Greene as she struggles to understand what happened to the man she loved. Home from fighting in Iraq, he had grown depressed and distant as he witnessed thousands of his fellow soldiers head off to war.

Curtis Greene was angry about the war and frustrated with Lisset for not understanding what it had been like there. They argued, so fiercely that twice the police had to break it up.

Gone was the man smiling with her and the kids in family photos. “He was not the person I knew when he came back from Iraq.”

One night he disappeared from their home outside Fort Riley, Kan. Lisset and the kids went to stay at her father’s house in Hernando County. When he called her to apologize for running out, he promised he would come home to Fort Riley. But he wasn’t about to return to Iraq.

“Over my dead body are they going to make me go back.”

“I knew he was having dreams, nightmares,” Lisset said. “He would wake up at night really sweaty.”

On Dec. 6, he showed up for work, his uniform pressed, his boots polished. He sang cadence.

That night, he was found hanging in his barracks. Sgt. Curtis Greene, 331st Signal Company, was 25.