Ruben Is Trying To Understand Mind Control

Hi my name is Ruben I just had read web pages that speak about mind control, using microwave waves even a cellular phone, things that are know for a long time, my problem in understanding this accounts’ is two folds:

  1. Is this technology use only by mad men?
  2. Or is a combination of occultisms’ with technology?


I have and experience that I cannot denied, yet I need more Information to be sure.

We cannot denied that technology has evolved since ancients times, the Persians, Babylonians’, Egyptians, never the less we have never had in History, such advance as we see it today, mind control and the beginnings of it, regardless the purposes of it . I cannot denied that were negative because had as motive: warfare; this sets a principle that will issue, on a violent background, gang stalking, radio signals manipulation, and microwave waves that applied in a person without consent are the rational explanation of mind control. The former is just an explanation of the human and technological aspect.

What confuse me is the psychological aspect of it , the word psyche means soul and logical means study therefore psychology is the study of the soul, in mind control it is stated that, hypnotism was used as a voice a lowering  silent sound, that had as result a hypnotized person without being aware  of it;  is in this area that I have difficulties integrating the both of it, Soul is the combination  of  emotion mind and will is a deeper part of our body, and hypnotism is a manifestation of the power of the soul, the former is natural the later is not .

I don’t know if you are a Christian or not but, if you read the first three chapters of the bible, we see that Adam was in many ways like us and are things that he did that we can do it as well, but there are things that he did that we can’t do it now. Ex. to him was giving the dominion over the whole earth, and to guard the garden of Eden Gn1.26

Now the garden was not small it has four rivers that pass trough it Gn. 2:10 so his administrative capacities were higher than us, he named as well all the animals of the earth and the birds Gn2:19 so his intellectual capacity and memory was outstanding, no man could do that today. He worked strong and never got tired, and never sweat because was after the fall of man that he sweat Gn 3:19. He as well did not have pain because was after the fall that he said “I will multiply your sorrow”¦in sorrow thou shall bring forth children”. In short administrated powers

Advance memory and intellectual capacity, no tiredness’,

Not pain. These powers are still in man but they are latent and God wants for the men not to use these powers because it will make them independent from God. But Satan and the demons somehow let man know about it, so we have cases like, not pain in some Hindus who pass needles trough their body and do not bleed and do not have pain, telepathy which is to communicate with others using their mind, the ability to know were some objects are without have never entered in that room, there is the same case with a group of gang stalkers that can communicate through telepathy and a child said “Mon why is that woman speaking with the mouth close?”. There are many cases in which Pentecostals groups roll in the floor, and slap their faces, and dance for 2 hours non stopping.

Therefore there are cases when technology is used, and others were the demons or Satan awake in a person the latent power of the soul, but what about mixing this two together, the end result will be catastrophic, it was in 1974 that a hypnotist’s voice using the technological equipment a frequency modulator to transmit signals to the brain to which the human brain is sensitive, the blending of booth, hypnotists and technology is what is called today mind manipulation. Which is difficult to come to a rational and scientific explanation.

This is the areas were I’m having problems to understand, the application of knowledge in booth events technical and occult.

A person who gets involved in mind control or stalking or what is call today recruiting for ever, a Caucasian guy without a job or and immigrant will be offered to the former technology not knowing that is getting involved with occultism and to the latter because their tradition, will not care much on getting involved with the occult as well the technical.

Waiting for and speedy answer