Rusty’s view on UFO’s

A typical radio talk-show question would be: “Do you believe that the government is telling us everything it knows about UFOs?” And my own answer would be ‘No.’ However I also do not believe in the Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) as the correct explanation for the UFO phenomenon, that I view mainly as a social phenomenon. And what this answer means, is that I’m sure that the government has made its own efforts to investigate UFOs, and that they may have made observations about that subject that they are not divulging.

So I have answered ‘No’ even though I’m not even “a believer” at this time. And I fully believe that Harry Truman did assemble a group of scientsist to investigate UFOs in the 1940s and 1950s, the so-called “Majestic 12”. And some people are surprised that the 12 names included one famous UFO debunker. What would not surprise me, is that if President Truman wanted some type of report or conclusion about UFOs from this group, that he would throw in a few investigators who were not inclined to aggree with the other ones. If you assemble a group of investigators, you don’t usually want them all to be of the same perspective, because the result would be a rather unobjective, one-sided report. You would want them to argue within that group, and for some members to challenge the ideas of the others. I actually believe that there are people in the government who do believe themselves that the ETH correctly explains the bulk of UFO sightings, or that it correctly explains just some of them. But their belief doesn’t make it true. I believe that the CIA has also investigated this phenomenon and that at some level it would still like to. But I don’t believe that they have found a conclusive answer to their questions that they are satisfied with. I’m sure that the subject was taken more seriously in the 1950s than it is today, within the government. After all, the attitudes then were more militaristic and givernments easily felt threatened by all sorts of phenomena. They would have been analysing their future war with (!) extraterrestrials. And BTW I also believe that there is life on other planets.

At the same time, the question of why, if there is life in other solar systems, and if there is such a large number of solar systems, why then this life has never visited the Earth is known as Fermi’s paradox. And the debate of Fermi’s paradox is recently being discouraged because it demonstrates considerable skepticism of the ETH, and because it demonstartes critical thinking in general. There appears to be actual government bias against the theory that we are NOT being visited. And the reasons why not could include the real impossibility to travel fatser than the speed of light, that might be irrespective of technology. And it might have to do with how rare highly advanced civilizations are in the galaxy, compared to microbial life, which is an anknown variable at this time. But there would again be discussions about Fermi’s Paradox if it was a permitted theory that our planet is NOT being visited by extraterrestrial civilisations. Governments aren’t omnipotent organisations that can cover up information at will, and they don’t always have the answers themselves. Governments are also fallible and opinionated. But the fact that the government does withhold certain kinds of information is sometimes regarded as a successful proof of the Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis. And this in itself demonstrates extreme bias, to want to interpret information in exactly one way, in exactly the way that the TV Space Channel portrays it 24 hours per day. Which many of the other TV channels do in the same way.