Shadow People- Dark Figure in New Mexico

One night, at my dad’s old house in New Mexico, i was about to go to bed after staying up watching a movie. it was about 2:30 a.m. when my stepmother’s dog looked at me then looked back down the hall where the bedrooms where.

Wondering what was wrong I looked down the hall, and saw nothing. The dog continued to look at me then down the hall and wouldn’t move until I did. When I decided it had gone on long enough I ventured down the hall, and suddenly saw a dark figure, or shadow person.

The dark figure was walking causally from my father’s room, and was about to head into my stepsister’s room. It spotted me, standing there stupefied, and suddenly postured itself for a run. Both of us stood there for a minute, and I could actually tell it was a male figure with no physical characteristics. Considering it was standing 2 feet in front of me, it was obviously shorter than my 5’1″ height at the time, and nearly transparent, even though it looked solid black from my distance I still could see a bit of my stepsister’s door through it’s torso.

When it decided I was “endangering” whatever it was it was doing, it literally dashed off, disappearing through a wall, and into the spare room. I had was actually ticked at seeing the thing appear in front of me and didn’t venture into the spare room, but headed immediately into my stepsister’s room. Finding she was fine, I checked my father’s room, before deciding all was well and going to bed.

Even to this day I still see shadow people, but they always keep their distance or try to scare me with whatever ability they seem to have.