Sylvanic 2005 Expidition

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Sylvanic 2005 Expedition Chronicle


Up until now the chronicles of Sylvanic I have previously published where based on other peoples experiences.  This is of my own experiences in and around the sylvanic area this past summer and fall of 2005. 

            My first expedition which transpired in late August of this year, was initially planned to have 6 people consisting of a skeptical Anthropologist, a biologist, a former national geographic videographer, a paramedic fire fighter, my original guide from my winter expedition in February of this past year, and myself.

            This expedition was almost entirely unsuccessful.  First of all the videographer was a no show.  Although he did take the flight I paid for and made my biologist wait around for four hours without even the courtesy of a phone call.  The only communication I received was two days after we where gone on our expedition when he left a voice mail saying he wasn’t feeling well. 

            So the five of us got off to a very late start and the initial leg of our journey went very slow because the only lady of the group (The Anthropologist) was just recovering from a nasty flu.  We ended up arriving at the entranceway about 10hrs behind schedule only to see that the only entranceway I am aware of into Sylvanic was inaccessible.  So the rest of the expedition was spent hiking around the mountains looking for another traversable way into sylvanic.  But we found nothing and saw or heard nothing of any interest.  The only reason I would say the expedition was not entirely unsuccessful was Trevor (The Paramedic/ Firefighter) found a place along a mountainside that he could easily rock climb with proper equipment.

Myself and the rest of the group had to go home empty handed but two people (Trevor and Mike the biologist of the group) elected to go back immediately with proper rock climbing equipment.  They were gone for well over a week.

When they came back they claimed to have discovered a domicile that is inhabited regularly by a bipedal man like primate that resembles an animal that was thought to be extinct known as Gigantopithecus Blackie.

So a few weeks later 3 of us (myself, Trevor, and Mike) went back with cameras and video equipment to see if we could capture proof of this animal on film, and gather some physical evidence.  We intended to camp and stay in this particle region for 5 days but due to several circumstances beyond our control we where only able to stay for 3.  But we captured these animals on film two of the three days we where there.  The first day we caught the shot we call video 2(A still picture from that video is accompanied with this article and the full video can be viewed at sylvanic.com). The second day the animals evaded us in methods that seemed intelligent and strategic.  Then on the third day a theory was devised by our biologist and tested.  It was tremendously successful and allowed us to capture footage of one of these animals from approximately 30 yards out, we call this video 3.

On the last day the decision to walk back to where I had my first encounter in the winter (where I knew there was hair samples) was scraped.  We were all exhausted, the weather was very poor,  and we had run out of food before we had even began our hike back.

Over the next two months the three of us have met with dozens of experts for assistance, from Zoologists to veterinarians to university professors.  None of which were at all interested in participating on our next expedition where we intend to safely incapacitated one of these animals and retrieve a blood, hair, tooth, and skin sample to conclusively prove to modern science these animals do in fact exist.  As well as tag one of these animals with a tracking device for future study and have the entire event professionally filmed.

We intend to use this evidence to implement government legislation that will ensure the survival of this unique species.  Currently within Canada and most of the northern U.S. there is no protection for these animals.  We have shown our video evidence to several wildlife officers and various government regulated environmental groups (all of whom were very impressed) but until this animal is conclusively proven to exist no government regulated agency will assist us in either the capture or protection of these animals.  Currently anyone can kill one or as many of these animals as they desire.  I am aware of another expedition into the Sylvanic area where the intentions of the group is to execute one or more of these animals.  It is our hope that creating public awareness will assist in the implementation of government protection for these animals

I have acquired the services of a professional filmmaker by the name of Kennith Barr from my hometown of Edmonton.  The next expedition will transpire as soon as we have acquired someone who is well experienced and professionally trained to use a tranquilizer gun.  The successful candidate must be able to acquire his target from as far away as 60 yards while it is traveling at velocities equivalent to that of a deer.   A 300 foot rock climb may also be necessary so rock climbing experience is a must.  Of course all other documented evidence and video footage will be shown during the interview, including video 3. I can be contacted through the website.        

  To view the footage go to http://www.sylvanic.com/2005SylvanicChronicle.htm in the artical u will see that “video 2” is a link to the footage.