UFO entering atmusphere right after midnight 1/1/11?

Last night, at about 12:11, 1/1/11. Just after the new years grand finally, I was about to nail a spinning firework to a tree, when I hear a sound I have only heard once before. A loud BANG. louder than any other in the sky at that time. It sounded like something breaking the speed barrier. Just seconds after hearing the loud bang, a bright, glowing redish orange light appeared it the sky. It had obviously just entered the atmosphere and was speeding towards the Kennedy space center (In Florida). I have only seen something like this one other time. It was a space shuttle re-entering the atmosphere, created a loud bang when it broke the sound barrier and looked red hot when it traveled across the sky. But, there where no shuttles that where supposed to be in space that night. Also, just 3 nights before, my dad and I where looking thought the new telescope he just got for Christmas when we noticed a large space craft flying higher than any commercial aircraft can, with not lights, after a few seconds of flying it vanished. maybe a shuttle leaving the earth?

The night of 1/1/11 we had 13 people who also seen the strange orange light flying across the sky. I was the first too see it as I was facing the south east, where it had entered from. We where all in shock and none of us thought to pull out our phones and record it. The Unexplainable part is why is there a spaceship out on 1/1/11 and nobody knew about it? was it planned to come in right as the big grand finales where going off so nobody would hear the sonic boom?