Birthplace of the Montauk Monster?

Plum Island sounds innocent enough, but if rumors are to be believed it could be the catalyst for a worldwide global catastrophe. The story of plum island reaches far into the conspiracy sector and touches subjects ranging from military cover ups, animal mutations, Nazi gene splicing programs, and even alien intervention. It’s also the focus of a massive secret conspiracy theory that just might save us all or result in a global pandemic. The worst part? If the horrors of building 257 ever get loose, it could kill us all. And some say, it’s already happened once before. But that’s not all. Plans are being discussed to move this facility to a location further inland. And its target destination along with the mutated monsters within might even be your own back yard.

The facility not only contains some of the most dangerous diseases to ever infect a living organism, in 1954 there was a program ongoing to make them even deadlier.  Closely guarded, the coastguard is only one of several forces working tirelessly to keep us all safe from the contents of this terrifying bacteriological house of horrors.  The hard working scientists risk their own lives being put in close proximity to deadly toxins and diseases every day.  But even in light of their impressive security, if history is any indicator, mistakes are always inevitably made.  And one of those mistakes is said to be the origin of one of the deadliest diseases today by attorney Michael Carroll.  According to Carroll, lab 257 was the birthplace of the disease we know today as Lyme Disease after an infected tick was carried on the back of a migrating bird to the mainland and then spread westward.  But that’s nothing compared to the shocking story we uncovered.  The Montauk Monster, the long fingered mutated man, and several other unidentified creatures were said to have originated from this facility.  No one knows to this day the true origins of this slew of mystery monsters, but the facility’s proximity to Plum Island have certainly raised more than a few eyebrows.

Plum Island Animal Disease Center is officially a federal research facility designed to study agricultural plagues and protect the world’s food supply.  But in the cold war they started conducting another kind of research.  Even the official accounts are terrifying to read.  But the rumors surrounding the place tell an even more shocking though unsubstantiated version of events.

And if this isn’t enough, the plans to move the Plum Island research facility will land it right in the heart of cattle country.  The facility that suffered a leak of hoof and mouth disease in 1978 is considering moving to Manhattan, Kansas.  If such an outbreak such as the 1978 one took place here, there would be no natural isolation to keep it from infecting the cattle industry.

Skeptics downplay these rumors, however, suggesting that for every horror story that comes from the facility there are a hundred others like it that are entirely baseless.  But if the type of genetic testing is ongoing in the facility that would create a creature such as the Montauk Monster, it might no longer be washing up on the coast drowned, but rather right in your own back yard very much alive.