BULLETIN: Breaking News On JFK Assassination, Conspiracy


It seems that the “last word” on the JFK assassination has not yet been spoken.  Today Monday February 18, 2008 after 40 something years NEW INFORMATION has been released by the Dallas County district attorney’s office in Dallas, Texas.

According to the New  York Times Story: “The district attorney, Craig Watkins, officially unveiled 15 boxes that had been stored in a walk-in safe on the 10th floor of the Dallas County Courthouse.  The boxes held a grab bag of memorabilia, from Lee Harvey Oswald’s clothing to a tooled leather holster used to carry a gun by Oswald’s killer, Jack Ruby.

“We decided that this information is too important to keep secret,” Mr. Watkins said.”  And, That’s Not All…

Not by a long shot.  It seems that there was something else in that forgotten safe.

According to the Associated Press “…Among the items are documents relating to Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and his killer, Jack Ruby, including a transcript of a purported conversation between them about killing the president. Curator Gary Mack of the Sixth Floor Museum near where the president was shot hasn’t seen the transcript but doubts it is real.

The items also include Ruby’s brown leather gun holster, two brass knuckles found on Ruby when he was arrested and a movie contract former Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade signed.”

Interesting stuff, no?  Well, it turns out the Mr. Watkins learned of the documents and the stuff soon after taking office a year ago.  It seems that previous office holders did not think that the american people would be at all interested to learn that documents existed that put Oswald and Ruby together in the Carousel Club that Ruby owned, so they just let them gather dust in that old court house safe.

Let’s take a look at some of the documents:

There is a transcript that suggests Ruby and Oswald met at Ruby’s nightclub on October 4 1963, less than two months before the assassination on November 22 that year.  In it, they talked of killing the president because the mafia wanted to “get rid” of his brother, the then attorney general, Robert Kennedy:

Lee: You said the boys in Chicago want to get rid of the Attorney General.

Ruby: Yes, but it can’t be done … it would get the Feds into everything.

Lee: There is a way to get rid of him without killing him.

Ruby: How’s that?

Lee: I can shoot his brother.

Ruby: But that wouldn’t be patriotic.

Lee: What’s the difference between shooting the Governor and in shooting the President?

Ruby: It would get the FBI into it.

Lee: I can still do it, all I need is my rifle and a tall building; but it will take some time, maybe six months to find the right place: but I’ll have to have some money to live on while I do the planning.

In the above exchange Lee Harvey Oswald is refered to as “Lee”.

The other material found included personal letters to and from the late District Attorney Henry Wade, a brown leather gun holster, probably belonging to Ruby and clothes that could have belonged to Ruby and Oswald.  There was also found a pair of brass knuckles that Ruby purportedly carried at the time he shot Oswald.

According to District Attorney Watkins “The material is now being scanned and will eventually be donated to a museum that can make it public.”

Nice of them to do this after all these years.

Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for fatally shooting the president of the United States on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza in Dallas.  Two days later, Jack Ruby shot Mr. Oswald to death while in police custody on live Tv.  You can go to Youtube and see this footage I am sure. Rbuy was convicted of murdering Oswald, but that conviction was overturned when an appeals court in Texas found the Mr. Ruby had been unfairly denied a chance to have the case tried in another venue.  Jack Ruby died of cancer while waiting for a retrial.

This story is still developing, so stay tuned.