Courts Rule Against NDAA- USA News Media Ignores!

American Courts ruled Obama’s NDAA is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  This means USA GOVERNMENT Can No-Longer Detain American Citizens Suspected Of Terrorism-  And It Means Americans Are Given Their Right To Fair Trial Back!   Funny Tho-  ALL AMERICAN MEDIA IS IGNORING THIS…   DON’T TELL THE PEOPLE!!!

For those unfamiliar- Obama passed an executive order allowing the USA GOVERNMENT to detain and imprison American Citizens Indefinitely Without Trial if they “THINK” your in support or associate with terrorists.  The legislation goes on to say those who are missing fingers can be suspected of terrorism, those who store 7 days of food or more may be terrorists, plus more outlandish rules like this..

Apparently the US Courts Systems ruled that OBAMA’s Executive NDAA Order is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  Like No Duh…  As of now-  the powers OBAMA granted to the military has been revoked..

There is word that the OBAMA Administration is appealing the decision..  Good thing our American Tax Dollars are used to help OBAMA take away our rights!

The profound part of this whole story is American News is ignoring this…  No mention on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc..  ALL major news outlets in US are ignoring this NOT reporting it…   They are not reporting because it does not help their cause…

American Media is owned by the high up elite-  actually almost ALL TV STATIONS are owned by a very few number of people-  who are mostly in-bed with Obama and the Government..  American media is brainwashing the people by highlighting and fully reporting on MITT ROMNEY and OBAMA Presidential Battle..  Red against BLUE..  American against American..  Republican Versus Democrat.  They know if they can keep the people arguing with each-other- the focus is off them and they can do anything they want..

Spread The Word And Help Wake People Up.. Let’s Get Our Rights Back!