Does FEMA Ad Contain Hidden Meaning?

An ad from the Federal Emergency Management Agency asks a simple question both with graphics and an off-screen narrator:  What would you do if you suddenly found yourself alone in the world in a completely different environment?  It quite literally shows the question illustrated by having gravity suddenly not work for a few moments in this family’s scenario.  They are suddenly in a world where gravity no longer works.  The image of one family living out a reversal in gravity has some wondering if there is some hidden message here in relation to the recent pole shift.

Whether it’s incidental or on purpose, the idea that the Earth as we know it is changing is something we’re gradually growing accustomed to.  And so when a major government agency, particularly one with as much mystery and speculation surrounding it as FEMA releases a commercial where a family quite literally starts floating up from the ground, some will undoubtedly wonder just how metaphorical the images are.

Of course a pole shift will not cause a family to float up, and gravity will for the most part stay the same as it has always been.  But the message behind the commercial, “What if your world was turned upside down?” couldn’t be closer related between the two.  And if the pole shift were to cause a major catastrophe, then it’s understandable why FEMA would want so many people to be prepared.  After all, a single major catastrophe is already quite a burden on FEMA.  But a global catastrophe would require people for the most part handle the situation themselves.

The FEMA ad, available on the site “Ready America” seems to be promoting general disaster preparedness (an all too often ignored aspect of life in the 21st century).  But some are questioning the choice of images given recent events.  If we were to analyze this commercial, you will notice the television floating toward the ground is the only thing that is destroyed.  For the most part the rest of the objects in the family’s house are scattered but untouched.  But there is a distinct frame where the television itself bursts into a shower of sparks just as the father of the family is grabbing their “go bag” or emergency readiness bag.

Strange, yes, but cryptic messages from FEMA and other disaster organizations over the years have always been the norm.  And the fact that we’ve come to expect hidden mysterious messages from them only compounds the issue.  FEMA would actually find it quite difficult to say anything that didn’t seem somehow cryptic or vaguely menacing in light of public perception.

Is the Earth turning “upside down” as the ad suggests?  One of the most disturbing elements of the commercial is subtle, but by no means cryptic.  “What if everything familiar becomes anything but?”  It seems no one is denying these days that we are living in particularly strange times.

So what does it mean?  Judge for yourself.