FBI File Investigated Hitler Escaping to South America

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Adolf Hitler along with many other key figures who would never be held accountable for the second World War have long been sought for obvious reasons by a world still in some ways demanding closure for the single greatest conflict to ever shock it.  And yet it seems there are several, including many in close contact with the FBI that suggest the skull offered by the Soviet Union as proof of Hitler’s death were in fact forgeries.  They say Hitler escaped in the final days of the war and made his way west.  If this were the case it would certainly have been of interest to the FBI who kept a detailed file on the subject for more than thirty years.

So why can’t we just take Hitler’s skull and test its DNA?  In 1970 in East Germany all of Hitlers known remains were pulled up from the Earth and flung into a river.  The last known trace of the most hated man for several decades were lost forever.  At least that’s the official story.  The dossier, which was recently released to the FBI’s Vault shows testimony from several individuals who stated that Hitler not only escaped, but ultimately landed in South America along with many other Nazi Refugees looking to revitalize their efforts and live out the rest of their days seeking safety from the rest of the world.  And indeed several Nazis did in fact make their way to several different locations.

Pierre Daye underwent a self imposed exile to Argentina with the help of Charles Lescat.  Walter Rauff found his way to Chile in 1950 where he would live out the rest of his days until 1984.  And even the feared Doctor Josef Mengele found his way to a small Brazillian town where he was thought to have created a “Twin Town” out of his horrifying experiments.  And so the idea of Nazis ultimately ending up in South America is not an entirely alien idea.

Even if Hitler had escaped, he would not likely have lived until this point.  Accounts of the fallen Fuhrer varied from him wandering around a broken and grizzled man with a long thick beard and matted hair to him simply losing his moustache and attempting to blend in among the other refugees in obscurity.  Of course the men coming forward with this information had their names censored in the final version of the report.  This is common practice for FBI files as the privacy of witnesses may ultimately be a security issue for both the informants and the agents involved in the end.  But if it’s such a crazy idea, then why did the FBI keep files on it for so long?  And why was the volume of those files reaching over 200 pages ultimately ending inconclusively?

Of course it’s also not the most extreme theory ever posited about the fall of the Third Reich.  For years there has been a chronicled alternate history of World War Two that merges with the UFO phenomenon today.  Believers posit that several of the secret Nazi leaders eventually escaped prosecution by taking off in vast disc-shaped aircraft and may have eventually inadvertently caused the UFO phenomenon we know today.  Of course that’s simply too much to be believed… right?