Forgotten Footage of the Kennedy Assassination

Few events have changed the history of the United States quite so much as the Kennedy Assassination.  Though millions have studied one tape for endless hours looking for any sign that something may be amiss and remade it to look as clear as possible, it is a false assumption that the Zapruder film was the only footage ever taken of the Kennedy Assassination.  In reality, Kennedy was killed in a crowded street with hundreds of spectators assembled.  And several of those had video cameras.  So why have the other films shot never seen as much attention?  And where can you find them today?

It’s always important to supplement any investigation with as much information and evidence as possible.  So why are so many people looking into the Kennedy Assassination with only a few frames from a single camera to assist them?  The Zapruder film is certainly the most well known piece of documentation, but it is nowhere near the complete record so many suggest.

There are somewhere between 16 and 20 “unofficial” films of the Kennedy assassination with rumors that there may be more hidden somewhere.  And if the coincidences of the Kennedy Assassination were not enough for you, each of these films has its own strange coincidence keeping the viewer from fully seeing where the shots are being fired from or precisely the angle that Kennedy was shot from.  It’s disturbing to think that all of these years there have been tons of useless clips of the Kennedy Assassination, but there are those who say these other films are either altered or outright staged.  Nonetheless, we cannot ignore them simply based on that theory.

F. Mark Bell, Charles Bronson, Malcolm Couch, Robert J.E. Hughes, Elsie Dorman, Marie Muchmore, Orville Nix, Charles Mentesana, Patsy Paschall, and Tina Towner are among the known names of people who were present at the Dealey Plaza shooting and captured footage.  At least one other piece of footage, that of the Babushka lady, never turned up.  And this Babushka Lady was standing atop a grassy hill where her footage would have been incredibly useful to investigators both when charting the location of the assassins, and giving a good picture of the scene.

And so here are a few of the more forensically interesting angles filmed and often forgotten of the Kennedy Assassination.  Perhaps one day we will reach a satisfactory answer over what really happened, but in the mean time we must live with the official and at times unconvincing story.