Giffords’ Youtube Account and Loughner Linked

The Arizona congresswoman, Giffords who is still recovering in critical condition after being gunned down by assailant Jared Lee Loughner was described as a moderate and a patriot by friends and opponents alike.  But now as rhetoric is reaching a fevered pitch surrounding her attack, a bit of information is barely being spoken of and getting little attention.  Well wishers and those seeking answers on her Youtube account were shocked to find a subscription link to what would eventually turn out to belong to Loughner.

Congresswoman Giffords had hundreds of followers and listed her last time online as a little under 24 hours prior to the time of the shooting.  Several witnesses have come forward saying they went to Giffords’ youtube site to find an official statement from her staff and instead found that she was a subscriber to Jared Loughner’s Youtube channel.  And once again, the last time she had been online was listed as a day prior.  Whether lone nut or not, a few have pointed to this as a sign of something deeper.

Bearing both a link to congressman Ike Skelton and her would-be assassin, Loughner, some are suggesting this is too strange to be ignored.  When the information started trickling in about this, those seeing the revelation for the first time in emails and forum posts such as one at Above Top Secret expected it to go viral but it didn’t – perhaps simply because it was too soon to draw any conclusions and didn’t point at anything specific, but was instead rather strange.  But as time went on it became increasingly clear that something about this was worth looking into.

Seeing the post for the first time it’s suspicious enough to wonder if the entire youtube account was fake.  This, however, does not appear to be the case.  Videos uploaded, all pertaining to the congresswoman and her political causes are time stamped as being uploaded several months ago.  And at the bottom she has subscribed to two video sites including the man who would eventually pull a gun on her.

Loughner’s channel, which has in the past 48 hours gotten over a million views has only a handful of videos pertaining to his thoughts on mind control, language, and currency.  Altogether after scanning them the first impression is that they’re the rantings of a disturbed and mentally unstable mind both intellectually and emotionally.

Skeptics are pointing out that this is a high profile youtube account.  Many people are witnessing this.  It’s possible the problem could be several different coincidences making it look more suspicious.

First, if the congresswoman’s staffers had access to the account they could have possibly subscribed to Loughner’s channel after the fact.  But even then, the time stamp of her last login would have been shortly before the tragedy took place.  As Giffords makes her recovery, we will look into this alongside countless others to try to uncover any facts that may arise.

But having said that, it doesn’t directly suggest a conspiracy.  It could also mean Giffords was aware of Loughner’s intentions or was attempting to keep him under watch.  Prior to the assassination attempt, Loughner changed everything on his account to the past tense as if to erect his own bizarre epitaph.

As this is a case where everyone wants to spin it their own way, it will be important to keep the facts aligned and make only claims that can be validated.  Only then will the truth come out.  Lone gunman or part of a dangerous scheme?  With time it will become evident.  In the mean time, a nation hopes for one of its congresswomen to recover quickly.