How to Take Over the World

It seems like the ultimate power grab – surpassed only by the ability of any human being to gain complete control of themselves.  After all, what more could someone want than – well, everything?  That’s precisely what so many conspiracy theories deal with.  And no one is more suspected of attempting this world domination than that famous shadowy group we all know as the Illuminati.  But, any official stories aside, how would a group such as this start?  And how could they actually take control of the world?  Here’s one of several scenarios.

They’re not the strongest, and they’re not always depicted as the most technologically advanced.  But what the Illuminati lacks in physical power it more than makes up for with sheer brutal cunning and greater organization than any previous contender.  Of course there are also those who say the previous contenders were all part of the ancient orders that would eventually become the Illuminati.  So where do these elusive figures come from?  And just how could they take over the world?

The Bavarian Illuminati was founded in 1776 and is commonly thought to be related to the system of secret societies that are attempting to bring about a New World Order and one world government.  While both are shrouded in secrecy, facts and hints have leaked into the collective consciousness of conspiracy communities networking together a web of facts that seemingly points out in no uncertain terms that we are operating under a puppet government and our world is nothing more than a series of lies designed to make us think society is a well oiled machine, the controls of which are manned by the common person.  But that’s just what “they” want you to think.

But if there is an illuminati, a single conspiracy to which all other conspiracies answer to, how might it go about conquering the world?  One of the oldest and most commonly referred to tactics is that of dividing and conquering.  And with time it would become an art form more than a political agenda.  The Illuminati would have to create controversies and then polarize the different groups it divided people into, turning them on one another and putting themselves in the positions at the head of each group.  The same philosophy could be attributed to any group, including nations and even those we would consider friends ordinarily.

Division would be the greatest ally to any group attempting to conquer the world.  And by polarizing philosophies everywhere, and creating the illusion of opposition there would be ample opportunity for a crisis to erupt between the groups at any moment.  How would you fight it?  Simply look at what any given issue is and look objectively at how it divides you against others.  Of course doing so, you would risk losing the illusory but equally ubiquitous “groups” filled with allies who are allied exclusively because you fit into that category rather than the sum of your character.  Simply reaching beyond the boundaries of these groups and making peace with your fellow human beings may go further than you think to disarm this commonly used tactic.

Is the Illuminati real?  That’s yet another line of division that can be drawn in the sand.  Some think they are and have proof that they exist.  Others have proof that they don’t.  But what do we lose by reaching out and improving cooperation on our planet?  Illuminati comes from the Latin Illuminatus, or “enlightened ones.”  Perhaps we will realize then that the true enlightened ones don’t need to scheme in a smoky room.  Perhaps we can all be illuminati.