Is There Conspiracy in the Air Over Fukushima?

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It has been a week full of vindications for Fukushima conspiracy theories as WHO Secretary General Margaret Chan came forward stating that contrary to how radiation is depicted in the media, she finally admits that radiation is always dangerous.  Speaking to the assembled delegates of a meeting with members advocating an independent WHO, Cho stood up and said there is no safe low level of radiation.  The admission, which has since cast doubts on recovery efforts of the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor and followed several more claims that the official story behind the Fukushima disaster may be nowhere near the truth.

The story of the Fukushima nuclear power plant is one of brilliance, ingenuity, compassion, and then disaster, scandal, and possibly now conspiracy.  But even in light of this catastrophe hundreds of workers, including the Fukushima 50 have and are still working around the clock and braving dangers they likely always knew were there.  And yet still unwavering, they continue to labor against the clock to keep the radiation battering their own bodies from being released into the world.

Dr. Chan, who was first appointed to her post in 2006 has had a great deal of experience with medicine and poor nations when attempting to address the overwhelming problems of the world, but may have been surprised by the sudden need to address the radiation after such a long period of radioactivity being relatively low on the totem pole of issues that needed to be addressed.

But even as she attempted to gain access to the seven hundred documents from the previous Chernobyl disaster in order to better address the current situation in Japan, it appears she was unable to do so.  The World Health Organization claims the 700 pages were published, but with the exception of a short summary which is available, these documents appear to have mysteriously vanished back in 2001.  And as leaders in the East are preparing to take a visit to the site there is still concern over what will happen in the future with Fukushima.  Meanwhile, western media are all but silent on the ever expanding controversy surrounding the plant.

Though officials are attempting to minimize the similarities between the Chernobyl disaster and that of the Fukushima plant, comparisons are still being drawn due to both the scope and the nature of both disasters.  But while the Chernobyl disaster was one that took place in an environment where secrets could be covered up by the Soviet Government behind an iron curtain, the secrets of Fukushima – if indeed there are any, will have a far more difficult time hiding from the light of day.  And in the mean time, conspiracy theorists, journalists, researchers, and witnesses are doing everything they can to ensure the truth comes out now rather than later when it can only be analyzed as history.