Jackie Kennedy Tapes Promise Bombshell Breakthrough

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50 years after the assassination of John F Kennedy, a series of tapes released by his wife are said to reveal that the first lady did not accept the official explanation any more than many other members of the United States.  The family finally released the tapes in retaliation to a documentary miniseries in production about the family and the agreement by ABC that it would not run.  And those who have heard it claim it says a lot more than they had originally expected about life in the White House.

In addition to the claim by the former First Lady that there was a conspiracy to kill her husband, several are instead focusing on the series of affairs both the President and the First Lady had been engaged in.  But after the long standoff, the two were finally beginning to get back together and had decided to have at least one additional child when tragedy struck.  In their moment of victory, Jackie O and John F Kennedy would be separated forever.  It was a tragedy that would tear through an entire nation.  But the full weight and tragedy of the incident would be lost on most until now.  And the sinister possibility of a conspiracy would arise once again, this time with Jackie Onassis Kennedy’s voice revealing her suspicions about Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon Baines Johnson.

But the official story between the revelations made by the tapes are different depending on who you talk to.  Executives revealed that the contents, which were to be kept secret for 50 years would be explosive and turn the entire mystery on its head while a spokesman for ABC was heard to say they were nowhere near as ambitious as preposterous rumors suggested.  It seems the strange series of coincidences and peculiarities of the JFK case continue even today.

One can only speculate whether there will be a section of tape missing or a mysterious suggestion that is later denied by an oddly distorted Jackie O at a later time.  Even 50 years after the case was officially closed on the JFK assassination, it seems every new bit of revelatory material that comes out is somehow eventually corrupted under mysterious circumstances.  We can only hope this will not be the case with this latest bombshell of evidence.

Are we on the verge of finally figuring out what happened to John F Kennedy?  No matter what the tapes say, it seems the mystery will be around for quite some time.  Still there are those who have dedicated themselves to uncovering the true identity of JFK’s killer, and who may have been involved in a plot behind the scenes to end his life.  But if there was a conspiracy, it has been covered up thoroughly.  We will have to wait and see.