Lawyer Claims Time Travel Coverup

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Lawyer Andrew Basiago says he has a long history of traveling back in time, and he’s been sharing his story with researchers the world over with his shocking allegations.  In addition to speaking about subjects ranging from John Titor to his own witnessing of Lincoln’s assassination, Basiago recently entered the news circuit once again after claiming that Barack Obama had once teleported to Mars in a secret CIA project operating out of a community college in California.

The Seattle Attorney says he was involved in a project when he was only seven years old called “Project Pegasus” to explore then recent developments in time traveling technology.  His own involvement in the project, he says, was partially because children are more likely to adapt well to the effects of time travel.  He additionally says the technology involved in the project is powerful enough to transform the face of transportation if only it would be unlocked.

The principles behind the time travel technology are allegedly based on tech recovered by government agents who raided the personal notes kept in the New Yorker hotel by Nikola Tesla where he died in July of 1943.  It is true that Tesla’s personal notes were confiscated by agents of the US Alien Property Custodian Office, even though Tesla himself was a naturalized citizen.  But was he secretly working on time travel technology?  Some accounts suggest Tesla was working on a unified field theory shortly before he died, but the documents behind it were never recovered.  Ultimately the existence of the theory became part of Tesla’s lore and research into the subject continues in mainstream science even today.

The official story of Tesla’s legacy includes truckloads of papers that were eventually recovered by Tesla’s family after being scoured by agents under the guidance of J. Edgar Hoover and now reside in the Tesla Museum in Belgrade.  Basiago says this is only a small part of the cover-up, and that a number of Tesla’s papers included information which was later used in time travel experiments.

So is there any way to confirm Basiago’s story?  Without a public demonstration of time travel technology, the theory is strictly hearsay.  By its nature, the project would have to be at the highest level of secrecy.  But then again, we can look at situations where time travel may have come in handy for world governments as well as teleportation technology.  In fact, any organization able to travel through time and space with any precision at all could essentially have a chronological backspace key to undo any event in recorded history, shaping the world in ways that would benefit only the possessor.

After gaining the ability to transform the world in unimaginably powerful ways, it seems the last thing they would let slip by would be someone spilling the beans on their project.  The possessor of such a device would inevitably see the effects of the lid being blown off their project and could go back in time to stop it from catching on.  There are few things in the known world that could be more effectively covered up than time travel.  Then again, if history could be influenced so heavily, public knowledge of time travel would be only a very small factor.

It’s an interesting story, nonetheless.  Time travel has captured the imaginations of science fiction writers going back all the way to HG Wells.  Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku has stated repeatedly that while we’re not likely to see it any time in the near future, there is no law of physics that states time travel is impossible.  Has it been developed already?  If it will ever be developed at any point in the future, that question becomes extremely relative.  Time travel can exist as soon as yesterday, or a million years ago.