Obama’s Earpiece Visible During 2012 Final Debate!

October 22, 2012 Obama and Romney dished it out in the final debate for President. The entire debate was a waste of time in my opinion because both candidates are Meat-Heads who have no intention of representing the people.  And as we look close at Obama, we can see he was wearing an earpiece!  Obama’s truly a puppet of the elite.

Lets take a close-up of this ear

Notice the dis-colorization where they tried to blend the skin color?

Now lets take a peek how his right ear looked in March 2011

A vote for Obama is a vote for the Elite Bankers and The New World Order

A Vote For Romney Is A Vote For Corporate Greed, War, and New World Order

Both of these leaders will lead us to the same chipping room….

Don’t be fooled