Peter Santilli blasts Richard Gotlieb, – Bankster Lawyer In The $43 Trillion Abeel Vs. BOA Case

Pete Santilli Show called attorney Richard Gotlieb, attorney for One West Bank, FSB, PNC in the Abeel Vs Bank Of America case. Peter questioned Richard Gotlieb who filed a motion to sever, trying to have plaintiffs removed except the main lead plaintiff. Pete directly asked “why would you go about to have all plaintiffs removed who have been harmed in this action?

Gotlieb went on about Federal rule 20 and 21 explaining about joining claims and turning it into a “mass action”. Then individual suits can come about.

Peter Santilli then asked Richard Gotlieb to describe why he’s representing banksters who destroyed our country by stealing TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS using MERS?  MERS is an acronym for “Mortgage Electronic Registration System” which is the how the bankers get away with the Fraudulent foreclosures. This angered Richard Gotlieb as he started getting defensive because Peter is asking questions and questioning his beliefs. Mr. Gotlieb threatened to end the interview when he was asked to respond to his support of the MERS foreclosures.

Peter Santilli went on to ask if Richard Gotlieb is an American and Richard started changing the conversation to Obama. Then Santilli started going off on the crooked lawyer Gotlieb urging him to support the American people and telling Richard Gotlieb he will expose him. This is when the Banksters Lawyer “Richard Gotlieb” hung up.

The whole conversation took about 10 minutes, but with added commentary from Peter- it was a 15 minute episode. The video below is last nights show- and the interview can be heard about 57 Minute mark till 1:13 hour mark.

So now you know the case in indeed true and real and the banksters are using the usual tricks to get off the hook.