Shocking Conspiracies Revealed by Document Leak

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An incredibly uncertain day today as several aspects of US foreign policy are laid bare for public consumption worldwide now that internet site Wikileaks makes public several documents seven times the size of its previous mass release, The War Diaries.  And now as millions of pages are being scoured by conspiracy theorists and journalists, there have been even in these first few hours dozens of “Oh no” moments confirming a few of their fears and conspiracy theories.  And that’s just the beginning…

Nothing in the realm of global detention camps or impending worldwide nuclear apocalypse has been brought to the public’s attention just yet, but to see the documents and the wording of several of these reports suggests that the next few international meetings could be fairly awkward at the very least, and openly hostile at the most.  It’s still too early to tell the extent of how other nations will react to these leaks, though there is a general air of apprehension about it.  This breach of security is one of the most catastrophic the United States has seen since the Abu Graibe incident and could turn out to be even more damaging in the long run.

The Daily Mail today reports that there was a conspiracy led by former first lady and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to spy on UN leaders.  Clinton is scheduled to head to Southeast Asia amid this catastrophe and will likely be having discussions with leaders over there to stem the tide of controversy and mend relations where she can.  Meanwhile, another revelation suggests that Chinese hackers were suspected as being responsible for the hacking of Google and other US computers.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing developments was the idea that various high level officials were ordered to collect DNA samples, Iris Scans, and fingerprints of political leaders – which has to by the way be one of the creepiest things I’ve ever heard.  One document leaked indicated that Saudi Arabia implored the United States to “behead” Iran before it got a chance to acquire nuclear weapons alongside others.  In this case it will be publicly known that Saudi Arabia was directly involved in attempting to get rid of the current president Mahmoud Ahmadenejad, which means tensions between these two countries will no doubt reach a fevered pitch by the revelation.

The US’ position within the United Nations is at least in question thanks to this leak, and as secrets are revealed there is even more talk of a military or economic conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  The brief furthermore states that Iran may either already or in a matter of months have nuclear weapons.  Tensions may be at a high not seen since the 1990’s.

As seconds are ticking away after this massive revelation it turns out Wikileaks has itself now become the victim of a Denial of Service Hacker attack by an unknown source.  The timing of the incident is incredibly questionable, particularly considering the nature of the material it was providing.  Still, newspapers worldwide have been distributing the contents of the files anyway.