Soviet House Speaker Announces Orbital Doomsday Device, Run for Presidency

Those familiar with the Russian political arena may have already heard the name Zhirinovsky associated with his outbursts, such as his 2008 threat to use nuclear weapons to flood Great Britain over a trade disagreement.  Now in 2011, the official who holds enough popularity to stand up to the rigors of reelection is making a bid for Moscow and the Russian Presidency.  And so this might be a good time to make mention of the massive orbital “Tsunami weapon” Zhirinovsky threatened the world with in a newscast that went Viral on Youtube in May.  So do they really have it?

The James Bond level villainy doesn’t seem to end there as far as Zhirinovsky goes either.  The myriad controversies involved in the things Zhirinovsky has said range far, and are eclipsed only by his threats – which seem to happen fairly often.  Zhirinovsky even told his bodyguard to shoot one of his political opponents as they met in a hallway during a particularly tense election year.  But the controversies don’t end there.  In addition to threats to use nuclear weapons openly several times, Zhirinovsky has made reference to Russian super weapons in the past, including the mysterious Elipton device, which Zhirinovsky claimed would be able to wipe out an entire city if fired.

The House Speaker Zhirinovsky has also claimed that Russian scientists have uncovered other weapons of mass destruction now in space, including a weapon that kills with sound sending it down and killing entire armies.

Is something like this even possible?  The old tag line from the film “Aliens” was “In space no one can hear you scream.”  This is because sound requires a medium to pass through and in space there is quite literally nothing but a vacuum separating particles.  So as a result the sound cannot travel unless it is deployed by something that then enters the atmosphere and continues making the sound or else it uses a sort of energy that sounds on something else to ring them like a bell.  Since the alleged weapon is top secret we can only speculate on how something like that might work – although sending sound waves through space is largely considered impossible.  Think of sound like a wave of dominoes radiating outward.  If even a small section of the dominoes are removed in the middle before the cascade, the flow is interrupted.

So what of the other weapons claimed by Zhirinovsky?  Is there any known mechanism that could create a tsunami to cause devastation on such a large scale?  Earthquakes are the primary cause of Tsunamis, so what Zhirinovsky might be talking about is a sort of “ray” that fires an energy to excite fault lines and cause plate shifting within the Earth. 

If such a technology exists, then the claim is the same as what many are alleging the United States’ own HAARP program can do.  Of course neither HAARP nor any other Earthquake creating device ever entered the vocabulary of any of the televised political debates earlier this year.  We can only hope Zhirinovsky was mistaken or attempting to use deception to back his posturing.  Perhaps most disturbing is the way he goes from stating the weapon exists to suggesting the weapon may have been responsible for the 2011 Earthquake in Japan and the subsequent Tsunami.