Syria Oil Pipeline False Flag- Leading To The Anti-Christ

USA Government will stop at nothing to get their Oil Pipeline through Syria…..  Including staging more “False Flags”…

Ever wonder what’s the real purpose for all the wars in the Mid-East?  Haven’t we enough problems here in the homeland to worry about rather than spend billions toppling so-called “dictatorships”?  Well it all comes down to Oil and the consequences for the world are Not Good…

Basically Europe and China’s oil supply is fulfilled from Russia.  Russia’s Oil Trade makes Russia lots of dough and keeps it’s government pretty strong.  But Good Ole USA wants to undermine Russia and conquer the World.. So our rotten Government of the USA has been struggling for over a decade now to build a oil pipeline to Turkey which avoids Russia, so the bankers can gain complete control of the worlds Oil-Trade.

Have you noticed many of our Congress debt limit deal proposals have language of “oil pipelines”?  Don’t be fooled into thinking USA is defeating these countries to bring “Democracy” and rid the world of “Chemical Weapons”..  They wan’t nothing more than to take out the Oil Pipeline opposition and install puppet leaders who will support their corruption.

Remember back in the Gulf War, there was talk of the Caspian Sea Pipeline?  It seems that flame of hope was stomped out..  Then we had good reason to invade Afghanistan and Iraq?  Well it happens that all our military bases are planted on the proposed Oil-pipeline path..  Then more recently, the tiny country of Qatar was making the news in alliance with USA?

Qatar is Filled To The Brim with oil, and is a greedy country.  They want nothing more than to pipe their oil and sell it to Europe..  But they can’t because they do not have allowance to run the pipeline through neighbor Saudi Arabia. So Qatar teamed up with the boss-hog USA.. This is why Qatar invested 3 BILLION DOLLARS in supporting the Syrian Rebels.

So how does this all tie in with Syria?  Well the pipeline will have to pass through Syria to reach Turkey. So it is a MUST to get Syria to allow this pipeline. This is where the situation gets hairy.  Russia does NOT want USA to seize their oil market, so Russia will defend Syria at all costs. Syria is the last piece on the chess board for the New World Order to conquer the oil markets.

We know the greedy bankers will stop at nothing to achieve their New World Order, and this includes upfront battle..

The Bible Prophecy Connection

In Isaiah 17, we are told point-blank Syria will be destroyed..  This is no coincidence..  The most high God told us this would come to pass, and it certainly will..  The USA knows the American Citizens will not approve of attacking Syria for Oil Domination, so the reason will be disguised and an alterative motive will be played. USA MUST fabricate a reason to support the take-over of Syria. Will this “Fale Flag” be on American Soil, or another attempt to declare false threats?  We will soon see..

How This Leads To The Abomination Of Desolation

We are on the cusp of Revelation..  Nearing the end..  When the Anti-Christ declares himself as God we know we have 3.5 years of tribulation coming our way, which brings the mark of the beast. And the events that lead up to this are described in the book of Daniel.

We need to watch the situation in the Mid East very closely for activity near Cypress.  Soon there will be movement with Oil in the Mediterranean Sea. The king of the North will come for the Oil but be repelled by the “Ships of Chittim”.  Chittim is the area around Cypress.  This king will return with indignation then share intelligence with those who forsake the holy covenant. Then with the power of the arms, this leader will declare himself as God. Do NOT be fooled, this first appearance of a deity that claims to be God is actually the Anti-Christ.  Exactly when, how and who will play this out remains to be seen. But it is at our doors.