The 2nd Amendment, Nevermore.

The National Rifle Association’s argument to, well, almost every argument, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people” is about to run out.  

In New York City this week, the United Nations are eagerly pushing talks to sign the Arms Trade Treaty.  This treaty can only be passed by ALL 193 nations, but most don’t see why it won’t.  But unfortunately, the United States is fighting two fronts to this debate.  On one front, they have the American people telling them to protect their constitutional right in obtaining firearms.  But on the other front, they are bombarded by global pressure to join the international community and make it much more difficult for any individual to own a firearm.  But last week’s theater shooting certainly didn’t help the American people’s argument against more gun control.   

The United Nation Arms Trade Treaty language is quite vague and can be interpreted in such ways.  But it could be simplified, to an extent, to this.  The UN ATT would be an expansion of regulations on firearms on a global scale.  This means that if you wanted to purchase a firearm today, you would have to go through your state and federal regulations.  To Americans, this is absolutely fine, because owning a firearm is our constitutional right given to us by our 2nd Amendment.  After the ATT is passed, purchasing a firearm would eventually throw state and federal out of the picture, and owning a firearm would be regulated by international guidelines.  This means, basically, that our 2nd Amendment “right of the people to keep and bear Arms” would be in a word, gone.  It would be incredibly difficult to obtain a firearm after the treaty is passed then it is now.  The United States are making strong arguments against this global policy and making the point to the UN that the American people have right to bear arms, but unfortunately many analysts don’t see a reason why this treaty won’t be passed.  In fact, most believe, that despite the US asking for more time to review the language of the treaty and the 51 bipartisan Senators threatening to oppose the treaty, that this will be a done deal before 2012 is out.  One analyst summed it up to its “inevitable.”

With all that has been going on the international stage lately, a bigger picture is starting to emerge.  The US is playing the American people into accepting the inevitable and martial law is soon on the horizon.  In time, our federal government will tell us what we want to hear.  You will hear the cries of unity in protecting our rights but come the end of the year (most likely after the election) the treaty will be passed.  They will come for you.  They will come for your guns, tag you, and be on their way.  Your self-defense against harm and tyranny will soon be in the back of a truck marked to be destroyed.  But this is only the beginning.  You can look to the news already and see the first steps literally taking flight.  The unmanned drones that we have seen in action over Iraq and Afghanistan have now been authorized to be put to use in American airspace.  The same drones that helped kill some the world’s deadliest terrorists will be soon flying over your home and schools.  Will they protect us, or will they protect us from ourselves?  Our beloved troops are coming home from overseas to end a war long overdue.  In 2008, a report in the Army Times stated that within 5 years, a vast majority of troops overseas will be reassigned domestically to be used in maintain order during “civil unrest” or an economic collapse. Orders have gone out to fill tactical and riot gear exponentially to be prepared for this “civil unrest”.  But is this the “civil unrest” that usually goes on during elections, or is this going to be “civil unrest” that happens when your constitutional right has been taking away? One must remember why our 2nd Amendment is so important.  It protects us in case a government becomes tyrannical. It’s what our Fore Fathers made sure to include in the Constitution in case another British monarchy would ever rise again. It gives us a fighting chance. But I guess in the coming months, only time will tell.  

 In all, the picture that is starting to emerge looks like this: the treaty will be passed and being a gun owner will either be much more difficult or virtually non-existent. The people will be infuriated.  There will be “civil unrest.”  But the government will be ready.  The drones will be in the sky watching and ready, the troops (who swore an oath) standing in full gear at attention, and the guns you had, already destroyed.  At that point, we will have no choice and no chance.