The Conspiracy of Mass Stalking

You wake up in the middle of the night convinced something must be wrong.  You get up and look around, but find nothing.  Everything seems in order.  Then you get to the front door.  The door appears to be ajar, and there are ever so faint hints that it has been forced open with a burglary tool.  Returning to the bedroom to retrieve the phone and call 911 you find your bed has been completely made in the time you were away – but by who?  This is the terrifying reality people who are victims of a phenomenon known as “group stalking” describe.

If group stalking is real, and even one percent of its sufferers are really the targets of a conspiracy to drive them insane, then it’s one of the most disturbing conspiracies out there today.

Unlike so many political conspiracies, the victims of group stalking describe events that involve no outright threats and nothing but ambiguity when it comes to who may or may not be involved.  And perhaps worst of all the group involved in the conspiracy seem to be doing so for virtually no reason at all – changing their entire lives and seemingly living them around one individual just to convince them they are losing their minds.

According to some victims of the phenomenon, when you are led to believe your every move is being watched and people are constantly challenging the defenses in your home, it has a tendency to work.  Many cite the stalking itself as the cause of a number of psychological ailments that soon follow, including paranoia and perhaps not coincidentally – persecutory delusions.  But all the delusions real or otherwise lead back to one central theme – and that one they say is very real.

People will find that from the moment they get up and walk out onto the street their movements are being tracked – but the  group behind it is almost never known.  And in all of the theories surrounding who may be doing this there are some stories that border on the fantastic.

First, there is the theory that this is simple corporate or police investigation or spying.  The people involved were allegedly in the wrong place at the wrong time and as a result a group of people have become convinced they are somehow dangerous.  As a result an agency or business is said to spend massive amounts of virtually limitless funds to investigate the person until it becomes an obsession for those organizing it.

And of course the more they are seen the more paranoia it sparks.  The more paranoid the targeted individual acts, the more convinced the group will be that something is not right.  This theory is accepted as the skeptic’s mundane explanation for the phenomenon – that or simple paranoia.  But there are some stories that seem to suggest this isn’t the case and those involved may not even be human.

There have even been some “targeted individuals” who say their pursuers have shown signs of possessing paranormal abilities, and even appeared in places that didn’t make sense or simply walked through walls to find them when doors were locked and barricaded.  And this suggests those involved may not in fact be even human.  Is it simple paranoia or something more disturbing?