10 Facts about Moses cont.

In the Bible, Moses plays an important role in the tale of the Egyptians and the 10 plagues. He is also mentioned for his encounter with the Burning Bush. In this article, you will learn more facts about Moses.

7. Tending to a Shepherd’s Flock

When Moses reached Midian, he stopped at a well, where he encountered a group of rowdy shepherds. Seven shepherdesses protected him during this incident. The father of the females, Hobab, adopted Moses as his own son. He also gave Moses his daughter Zipporah to marry. He was also given the responsibility as the superintendent of his herds.

8. The Burning Bush

One tale involving Moses was when he led the flock to Mount Horeb or Mount Sinai (as told in Exodus 3). This mountain is believed to have been located on the Sinai Peninsula during the Middle Ages. While tending to the flocks, Moses came across a burning bush. Scripture says that the bush did not become consumed. As he came closer to get a better look at the bush, Moses heard from God through the bush. It was then that his name was revealed to Moses.

9. Egypt and the Plagues

Scripture says that God commanded Moses to travel to Egypt and free the Hebrews from slavery. According to religious text, God showed Moses how to transform his rod into a serpent. He also practiced how to inflict and cure leprosy. God told him that he could also pour the water of the river on dry land to change the water to blood. With these instructions, Moses went to Egypt. Along the way, he learned that the Pharaoh of the Oppression had died and was replaced with a new ruler, who was known as the Pharaoh of the Exodus.

The book of Exodus tells a story of the death of thousands of slaves, terrifying plagues, and many deaths. It is told that Moses and his brother Aaron went to the Pharaoh. They told him that the Lord God of Israel wanted Pharaoh to allow the Israelites a chance to celebrate a feast in the wild.
Since the Pharaoh was unfamiliar with their God, he did not give his consent. He scolded Moses and Aaron when he encountered them for a second time. Moses changed his rod into a serpent, but the magicians of the Pharaoh were able to do the same thing with their rods. Their third chance to get through the to ruler took place on the Nile riverbank. Moses had Aaron transform the river into blood, but once again, the Pharaoh’s magicians could do the same.

The breaking point was when Moses had Aaron make frogs from the Nile come to overrun Egypt. However, the pharaoh was not pleased with the frogs and asked Moses to remove the creatures, promising to let the Israelites free to enjoy their feast in the wilderness. The following day, all of the frogs died , leaving behind an unpleasant stench and nasty mess. The Pharaoh became angry and changed his mind about letting the Israelites leave for the feast. It was only after ten plagues were sent upon the Egyptians that he allowed the Hebrews to leave. They encountered gnats, flies, diseased livestock, fiery hail, thunder, and locusts. The last plague was the slaying of the first-born sons of the Egyptians.

10. Place of Death

Moses died in Midian, which is mentioned again as the place that Ruth came from.