11 Facts About Wiccan Beliefs

Are you interested in learning more about Wiccan beliefs? In this article, you will encounter facts regarding this religion that is centered on nature and worships both a God and Goddess.

1) The majority of Wiccans practicing this faith believe in a one ultimate reality that mixes with the universe that we know and comes through in the presence of the Goddess and God. Worshipping the two deities is commonplace throughout Wicca, where they are both viewed as equals , with one never surpassing the other in significance. This is where some of the balance views associated with a coven originate.

2) Men are usually the minority within the Wiccan religion.

3) Dianic Wicca follows the beat of a different drummer, where the Goddess is exclusively worshipped and only women are allowed to join the covens associated with this belief system.

4) If you ever encounter the term, “Triple Goddess,” keep in mind that it refers to the Wiccan Goddess in regards to her three different sides: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. These are considered her three major forms or appearances , sometimes also calling attention to various stages of life. All three stages are seen as equal in value and just as desirable as the next. Innocence and a sense of adventure are associated with the Maiden, while the Mother serves as a symbol of love. The Crone embodies the notion of wisdom.

5) When following the Feri Tradition, the main gods worshipped are called the Blue God and the Star Goddess.

6) Alexandrian Wiccans are known to worship the “Old Gods of Europe.”

7) The primary Wiccan belief concerning the afterlife doesn’t hold the same traditional train of thought as Christians the God and Goddess play an important role within the structure of the religion. Additionally, Wiccans do not believe in the concepts of Heaven and Hell. Most Wiccans believe in reincarnation with some siding with a process that is eternal and related to the cycles of nature. There is also another belief that deals with a “place of rest” known as Summerlands, where some Wiccans believe that this is the final resting place that some will reach.

8) When it comes to worshipping the Triple Goddess, the waxing, full, and waning moon are significant as she is paid homage to in these three out of four phases of the moon. Depending on whom you speak to, there is a fourth aspect that some worship the Goddess. It is called the Dark Goddess and corresponds to the new moon.

9) The male God of Wicca is called the Great God, the Great Father, or in many circles , the Horned God. The latter term is one that blends a range of pagan traditions and uses characteristics of similar gods.

10) The Wiccan God is often associated with strength, hunting, and being virile. When depicted, his image shows horns or antlers. Cloven hoofs and the backside of a goat are other characteristics associated with the Horned God.

11) The God and Goddess are not the only deities that various Wiccans worship, as there are others belonging to a variety of Celtic pagan traditions. For example, some Wiccans are known to worship Eastern deities as well. Examples of this include Kwan Yin and Shiva.