13 Facts About the Association of Vineyard Churches

With more than 1,500 affiliated churches across the world, the Association of Vineyard Churches (also known as the Vineyard Movement) is found in the United States and Canada. In this article, you will learn about the religion, as well as interesting facts about the belief system, including how they worship and other places that churches are found.

1.    The Association of Vineyard Churches is classified as a neocharismatic evangelical Christian denomination with associations with the ‘Signs and Wonders’ movement, the Toronto blessing, and the Kansas City Prophets.

2.    The Vineyard offers a leadership training program that spans two years. It is called Vineyard Leadership Institute (or VLI, for short). Students stay on a campus located in Westerville, Ohio. Some people may opt to participate in a video and correspondence course curriculum. Clergy are not required to complete trained through VLI.

3.    Combining forces with Perth Bible College, the Vineyard Association established a School of Ministry in 2009.

4.    Based out of a Vineyard church in Cape Town, South Africa, adherents may choose a distance-learning Bible studies program called the Vineyard Bible Institute.

5.    The Vineyard has its own publishing house called Vineyard International Publishing, which produces Christian books. One of the main goals of the publishing house is to get pastors affiliated with the church published.

6.    Many Vineyard churches follow a contemporary style of worship with the help of a multi-piece band leading worship. This type of worship (with music playing an important role) was popular during the 1970s and 1980s, and broke from the more traditional use of hymns. Because of the growing popularity of this approach, Vineyard Music was born , a church-supported music recording and distribution company.

7.    The church follows a 10-point “Vineyard Genetic Code” that outlines the ten areas of ministry that is thought essential for any Vineyard church.

8.    The Vineyard church model heavily relies on teaching adherents to connect with God through worship. This is one of the most significant aspects of the religion. Typically, equal time is given to both worship and Bible study , from the main Sunday services to the small groups of church members that gather at their homes.

9.    Prayer and one-on-one ministry are important aspects of the Vineyard church.

10.    The Vineyard church encourages local and regional ministries and religious outreach, which they believe is more effective in spreading the beliefs and practices of the faith.

11.    The Vineyard is found in many different countries, including Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Far East.

12.    The national headquarters of Vineyard USA is found in Sugar Land, Texas, which has been separated into eight different regions. It was reported in 2004 that Vineyard USA was comprised of 140,000 members that attended 600 churches.

13.    The first country outside of the United States to establish their own independent National Association was Canada. Vancouver became the site of the first Canadian Vineyard in 1985. One year later, a second church was created in the Vancouver region with more following across the rest of Canada.