An Introduction to Shamanism

Shamanism is known as one of the oldest healing traditions in the world, which relies heavily on believing in spirits, especially those belonging to hundreds of animals. In this article, you will learn about this belief system, as well as information concerning shamans and shamanic healing.

What is Shamanism?

There are cultures that believe interacting with the spirit world is an important part of living in the world around us. Shamanism incorporates a set of tools and techniques that allow individuals to become closer to the spirit world. There is no worshipping of gods (or goddesses). There are no rules or laws to follow. An example of shamanism is ancient ancestors praying to the spirit of a particular animal in hopes that it would rain on their crops.

One of the basic principles of shamanism is that everything has a spirit and is alive , even trees, rocks, and other everyday objects. Because of this belief, people that follow shamanism wish to obtain harmony and balance with the earth and its creatures.

What is a Shaman?

A shaman has contact with both the “normal” world and the world of spirits. In many cases, a shaman will act as a middle ground between the two worlds. In many tribal cultures, the shaman plays an important role in the physical and spiritual health of people. Sometimes, they are summoned to invoke spirits, while other times, they are called upon to tell the future or dissect the meaning of omens. They may warn against an upcoming trip or other action.

Depending on the culture, the powers of a shaman vary, as they also possess varying levels of skill and knowledge. Some cultures believe that evil spirits are behind sickness and that a shaman can heal ailments. They are thought to call upon good spirits as a method of healing. The weather is another aspect of shamanism, as a shaman may be asked to bring rain to dry crops or conjure up storms as a way to punish enemies. Shamans are thought to influence the fertility of a woman.

What is Shamanic Healing?

When a shaman is healing an individual, it is their energy that they wish to tap into. Shamanism is an attempt to fix or restore the damage that has been done to their energy levels and aura. A shaman will use a combination of homeopathic medicine, spirituality, folklore, and magic during a session of healing. It is a method of healing that incorporates the physical body, emotions and the mind. While most people opt for modern medicinal treatments to shamanic healing , it was at one time the primary method of choice.

Animals as Spirit Guides

In regards to shamanism, animals are viewed as spirit guides with specific strengths and links to the spirit world. For example, the polar bear is seen as a seasoned swimmer through emotional waters. It is often viewed as the creature of dreams, mystics, visionaries, and shamans. Other associations of the polar bear include death and rebirth, transformation, solitude, and revenge.