Ancient Prophecies with a Christian Twist 1

Many prophecies involve the foretelling of natural disasters and oftentimes , the end of the world. A great deal of end-of-the-world prophesies involve the notion of an Anti-Christ. This individual is thought to possess great charisma with the power to attract a following across the world. He could come in the form of an influential politician or create victorious military strategies. While he may work miracles, his hidden agenda is filled with selfishness and cruelty. In this article, you will encounter prophecies that showcase the perspective of Christians.

St Columba (521 to 597 AD)

According to advocates of St Columba (also known as Colum Cille), he is responsible for introducing the Picts to Christianity during the Early Medieval Period. Columba became a popular character with Gaelic missionary monks and earned the title as one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland. When Columba saw the end of the world, he envisioned great changes in the weather and spoke of crops that would not bring forth a suitable harvest. The fishing population would dwindle, taking away another food source. He predicted great storms and hurricanes would take hold of the world and that various diseases would take many lives.

St. Hildegard (1098 to 1179)

Hildegard is known by many different names, including Hildegard of Bingen, Blessed Hildegard, Saint Hildegard, and Sybil of the Rhine. Beyond her reputation as a Christian mystic, she also dabbled in writing, composing music, writing poetry, practicing medicine and studying herbalism, exploring science, and counseling others. From serving as a German Benedictine abbess to wearing the cap of linguist, Hildegard was a well-rounded individual. In 1136, her fellow nuns elected her a magistra. She would also later found the monasteries of Rupertsberg in 1150 and Eibingen in 1165. Hildegard was an accomplished author and wrote on many different topics, including theology, botany, and medicine.

Hildegard believed that toward the end of the world, the number of believers in Christianity and all religions would greatly decrease. From the north, a strong wind would come and bring dust that would choke many people, sending them to fear the future. The population of men would start to dwindle and women would outnumber the gender 7 to 1. Numerous nations would suffer the effects of famine , an event that would take place before a destructive comet hit the world.

She predicted that a ‘ great nation that resides in the ocean having a great number of people of different descent and ethnicity will be devastated by earthquakes and tidal waves.’ She stated they would lose its colonies in the east. The ocean basins would move because of the comet, which would lead to increased death along coastal regions. Entire nations would become submerged under water and cease to exist. Those that were left, would lose their lives to diseases that spread across the world.