Asatru Gods and Goddesses

The ancient religion of Norse paganism, as well as the modern version of Asatru are polytheistic in nature. During the 9th and 11th centuries, which are also known as the Viking Age, four main deities existed. Minor deities were also worshipped. They came from Gods that were respected during earlier times. They also looked towards various supernatural entities in regards to the religion. In this article, you will learn of some of the deities associated with this religion, including Thor and Odin.


When taking a look at the Norse Gods associated with the religion, there are three various types to acknowledge. The gods of the clan or tribe were called Aesir. These kind of gods represented order, craft, as well as kingship. In this category, you will find Thor and Odin. Gods who are connected to the earth, fertility, as well as the forces of nature are called Vanir. In this group, gods, such as Freyja and Freyr are included. Referred to as Jotnar, you will find those who represent chaos and destruction. They are called the “giant-gods” and are seen as a constant adversary of the Aesir.


In regards to the Germanic religion, as well as Asatru, there are four main deities that are worshipped. The first is called Odin, who is the god of magic and poetry. Odin is also keeper of the dead, as well as deals with riches. Odin is also the ruler of Valhalla, which is the place where the souls of the dead who have died respectively during battle are sent. The day of the week, Wednesday, is named after this god.


The second god, Thor, is known as the sky god and for having the hammer in his possession. Thor is in control of the weather, as well as is responsible for the law and the community. The word Thursday comes from Thor. The fertility god is referred to as Freyr. This god is looked upon as the founder of the Swedish royal family. The fertility goddess of the religion is called Freyja, who is also associated with love and beauty, much like the Greek goddess, Aphrodite. Freyyr is the sister of Freyr and can also be referred to as Frigg or Odin’s wife. It is from her name that the day of the week, Friday is named after.


There are several other deities connected to the religion. They include:


Njord is the father of Freyr and Freyja. He is also the god of sea, lakes, as well as the ships that travel upon these bodies of water.


Tyr is the god of battle, justice, as well as sacrifice. It is from his name that the day of the week, Tuesday, is named after.


Ullr is known as the god of death. He is also associated with hunting, as well as the winter season.


Loki appears in many different myths. He is known as “the trickster.”