Baby Discovered by Authorities in Dome of the Rock

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An incredibly bizarre turn of events possibly related to the Dome of the Rock UFO footage that has been making waves around the internet has developed as a newborn baby was discovered in the Temple of the Dome just yesterday and authorities were contacted.  The abandoned baby seemingly had no identifying features and the Dome of the Rock featured prominently in UFO news lately leading some to make a startling conclusion.

If the two events were somehow linked, the most obvious connection many are making is that this child could have been somehow left by extraterrestrials for reasons unknown.  But the fact that this location has such a religious significance has led some to even suggest that the child could be some sort of message from the heavens.  But this is not the first time a child has been left behind for others to discover at a religiously significant site.  What is unique about this experience is how predicted it was.  It’s strange to think, but many in the UFO community, themselves not necessarily making a psychic prediction asked in the earliest stages of this Temple of the Rock mystery, “Wouldn’t it be strange if a child were found there?” – and made statements like, “It looks like it was dropping something off above the temple.

The claim that the child was found comes from a local the Jerusalem post, which stated the Baby was in perfect health when it was first discovered Monday morning.  The current caretakers of the child are unknown, and it is possible the parents could be located if DNA tests resulted in positive identification with an Israeli citizen.  As public service in Israel is compulsory, the likelihood of having this DNA on file is far higher than it would be in many other countries.  Of course running DNA results against a massive database would also be very time consuming.

But some have voiced their concern over the event, stating that the only reason the child being discovered in Israel is being considered news is largely because of the recent UFO footage which has gone viral.

There’s also another side to this that bears mentioning now while the story is just coming out.  There are still many who consider it possible the Israeli UFO footage may be the result of a viral marketing campaign.  If this were the case, and somehow a child were connected to the sighting after being abandoned by their parents, is it possible the marketing ploy could actually cause a religious unrest and possibly call into question the future of this child?  With incredibly complex hoaxes being made all the time, and spotting them becoming more complex each passing day, it seems like only a matter of time before a viral hoax just goes too far.  And if this were the case, they would need a means of retracting their footage or coming clean with the public while doing as little damage as possible.  But in the meantime, as the Dome of the Rock UFO footage is continuing to generate interest, certainly every event at the site will be following suit.