Caodism Beliefs and Practices: Ethics & Theories

As stated in the article, “What is Cao Dai or Caodism,” the religion of Cao Dai draws from many different religions, meaning that some of the beliefs followed are quite similar to a variety of well-known religions, including Buddhism and Confucianism. In this article, we will take a look at some of the beliefs associated with the Cao Dai religion including thoughts pertaining to rebirth.


Ethnical Beliefs


Some of the ethical beliefs associated with Cao Dai come from Confucianism. Buddhist theories are also incorporated into to Caodism, as seen with their embracement of karma and rebirth values. It is also not uncommon to find Catholicism views entered into the belief system. The faith is known and proud of how it takes in the values of a variety of religions. Many followers believe that the religion was created to highlight the positivity of each religion, as well as the establishment of a platform on which many different belief systems could be worshipped and followed. An underlying theme connected to Cao Dai is that when looked at closer, all religions are not that different from one another. Deep analysis of each may reveal that we all are in fact studying and adhering to the some of the same principals in life.


The religion has gained a strong following from individuals seeking a way to bring peace unto the world. They view the religion as a way to bring together the world through sharing the same “vision of the Supreme Being.” No matter how different various groups may seem, it is believed that it is possible to all share the same belief system by combining a little something from each religion. Through this, a better awareness of peace and a better understanding of one another can be achieved throughout the world. This is not to be mistaken with expecting everyone to conform to one religion and lose all individuality of belief.


The religion does not aim to make all religions the same, but strives to achieve a world that exercises an increased level of tolerance. The main goal of most followers belonging to Cao Dai is to accomplish a sense of unity and peace, where the difference we possess are tossed aside so that we may better understand the people surrounding us in the world. When you think of Cao Dai, you should think of a goal of achieving worldwide peace through religious tolerance.


The supreme god within the Cao Dai religion is often referred to as the “High Tower,” which is also a Taoist epithet. When taking a look at the term, Cao Dai, according to www.religionfacts.com, it is “regarded as the same supreme being honored in all major world religions.” When using this term, it does not hold any regard towards gender specification, personality or any other attributes often focused on in today’s society.


In Part 2 of Cao Dai beliefs and practices, you will learn about the various saints associated with the religion, which may be well-known for their accomplishments within other religious circles and cultures, including Buddhism and China.