Christian Holiday: Assumption Day

Across the world, many people celebrate Assumption Day (or the feast day of the Assumption of Mary) on August 15, which is a Christian religious observance. It is thought that the Virgin Mary rose into Heaven after her death on this day , a well-known Christian belief. In this article, you will learn more about the meaning and traditions associated with this holiday.

Assumption Day is celebrated in many countries on August 15 or around that day. Celebrations can reach varying levels of elaborateness , especially in Europe and South America. The holiday is also referred to as the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God, or the Feast of Assumption, or the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

History of the Holiday

The history of this holiday dates back to the 4th century. During ancient times, the observance was celebrated with public illumination and nighttime beacons , thought to have served as a symbol of the sun. Duty and responsibility are the leading concepts of the holiday. In ancient Roman days, the pope would lead a procession in his bare feet. As he marched with the people, he carried a painting of Christ from the church of the Lateran to the church of St. Mary Major. It was this act that was seen as a commemoration of the coming of Christ for his mother on Mary’s death.

It is thought that Mary died in the presence of all the Apostles. After her burial, the tomb was later opened and found to be empty. Because of this, people believed that her body had been taken up into the heavens. A range of popular artists throughout the years have captured the event, including depictions that show Mary surrounded by the sun with twelve stars on her head (her crown).

Ways to embrace the observance is to incorporate symbols of the Virgin Mary. The color blue is often associated, as it represents truth and clarity. The color is also significant because it is the same as the sky, which can serve as a symbol of the heavens. The lily is a flower that is often linked to the Virgin Mary. The color of the flower is also representation of purity, simplicity, and chastity. Other ways that the holiday was celebrated include:

·    People carry bowls of rose water, which they sprinkled on themselves.

·    Crowds tend to gather in major plazas.

·    People toss coins from their windows down to the streets, which have a connection to prosperity.

The way that Assumption Day is celebrated across the world varies. For example, Assumption Day is considered a rather popular festival that takes places during the summertime in the villages, islands and towns of Greece. On this day, the island of Tinos is a major pilgrimage site that attracts thousands of people that come for blessings, to be healed, or receive a baptism.