Cycle of Genesis – The Truth of Christ and Whispers of the Void

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The Circle of Genesis ”“ The Seven Steps of TIME Cycle
1] God the spirit Created and established Kingdom of God or the Family

2] He Installed a Law and left mankind to rule it.

3] Mankind Broke the Law and death became inevitable. What was dieing was His own body. Time takes direction.

4] Conquering Death and Establishment of the Law became inevitable for Love was the basis of Creation.

5] The Law was over looked in order to Create Again ”“ The spirit manifested to create again.

6] The Law gets restored through Revelation. Everybody gets initialized in the Kingdom of God

7] The Lord goes into Rest only to return to find the Law broken

Bible is the most read, most discussed and vividly interpreted book in the history of mankind. No other book has got so much attention as Bible has. It is at the center of some of the biggest controversies of modern Times [intelligent design /evolution]. It depicts the relentless war between two forces evil and good, darkness and light, death and life.

Bible is understood as the book of life and every verse in it is understood as a seed that has the potential to grow into a tree of life, which survives forever in some great plan. Every verse of the book is interpreted and discussed at length by every generation of Christians.  Since every verse is a seed by it self, let me [the humble servant] take one verse  [Mathew:10. 26- –] and allow it to sprout and spread into Tree of life. This is the sixth step in the cycle of Genesis and a vital step for the entry to the Kingdom of God. The word goes like this

“So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered and nothing secret that will not become known. What I say to you in the dark tell in the light: what you hear whispered, proclaim from the house top” Mathew: 10.26

The term “them” coming from Jesus in the above verse refers to the evil or darkness or death forces

[Note – Every sentence in the article below has relevance to Bible but I am restricting myself from extensive quoting from the Bible, and make the above word central to my writing. Reader can throw any word from the Bible I will be honored to expand it].

The Whispers of the Void
Bible has two parts the old and the New. The Old Testament begins with Genesis or Creation. New Testament speaks certain secrets that are yet to be revealed. This means life is a continuous process of Becoming; Bible is a continuous process that is taking place. The Secret of Understanding life thus has the possibility of revealing the secret of Bible and Christ and whole Cosmos. [This aspect is explored in Part ”“2 and 3]

Central to Christianity is The New-Testament. The teachings of Jesus and His Sacrifice at the Calvary, that speaks a New Concept, a Great Secret that is unfolding, that conquers darkness and death and perpetuates life. It is the center of controversy because it is the least understood and defies the intellect of humanity. It totally defies the materialistic mind [science]. It defies the very picture of God, as the most powerful and the ruling that is impregnated in the mind of humanity from ages. Thus it puts an element of doubt in the spiritual mind too. Thus Bible says His own people failed to perceive Him and crucified HIM. Jesus Himself says that His reality is beyond both the intellect and belief of ordinary people. The Bible speaks of elements of doubt within in His disciples. Peter who proclaims Him [Jesus] as the Son of God, denies Him thrice in adversity. Thus the Secret of the Sacrifice at Calvary is kept as a secret to be revealed at a future date. This has kept both the intellect of the spiritualist and materialist world in an uncertain existence.

In Mathew ”“10.26, Jesus was speaking of a Time in the Time cycle when the uncertainty will be removed and victory is proclaimed to light and life. [It is repeated in Romans: 8.18-25 and elsewhere]. In short, initiation of Time and there by establishment of Kingdom of God will be done and that is the Time when every one understands the truth of Calvary and the beauty of His teaching. The Life of a Christian and the existence of Christian Community centers on waiting for this initialization of “TIME” cycle

Now this means the Great Secret that is bound to be Revealed [As Jesus told in the above verse] is the secret of “TIME” and its initialization. Time is not only central to spiritual science but also to the advocators of material science. Time is understood as cycle that exists above everything and goes on and on. Every thing else exists in its realm. The advocators of material science have ended up in a dead end, unable to visualize the cyclic and perpetual existence of the cycle of Time. They have come to understand that everything originated from a point [Big bang] and is expanding since then. But they have failed to find the cause of collapse into a point and how it originates from it. All the laws of science break down at this point. It is here the spiritual realm scores a vital-point.

Jesus the last incarnation of God proclaims with authority that I am the beginning and end, I am the Alfa and Omega, [Revelation 22:13] from me Time originates and to me Time returns. I am the Way and the Truth and Life [John.14 ”“6]. Every law abides in Me. He proclaims that no one enters the Kingdom of God with out His mediation. [John: 10.9]. It is this secret that humanity is seeking and God wants to reveal such that He establishes the Kingdom of God. The great obstacle here is the mind and intelligence of humanity or the inferior “self” of humanity that is tinted with the evil of conquering motive and corruption. This invariably means that a precondition for initialization or establishment of Kingdom of God is Revelation of the truth to the intellect of humanity.  But human intellect seems to fail to understand the truth. This makes us mandatory to investigate two aspects.

1] Once own “self” and its general influence on the surrounding and Time

2] “Time”, its origin, end and initialization

Let us do it from a point of freedom now. These two aspects are interconnected. The Bible clearly says that God created Humankind in His own image out of matter and His spirit in hope. [Genesis 1.27], He created it in pairs one male and female [see Mathew -19.5]. The Sacrifice at Calvary, was in total obedience to the Father was necessitated purely by the sin [disobedience and destruction of His hope] of the one whom He created in His own image. [Romans-5.19]. This clearly means the forces of TIME and its direction to death, that necessitated the sacrifice at Calvary, came from Human beings. The cause was Flesh or matter out of which He made man [Romans: 8.1-4] The time of Calvary was a time when every one fell into the grip of evil and not one was left in the world, whom God could call as righteous [Romans: 3.9-18, Psalm: 15.1-3, 53-1-4]. Every descendent of Abraham, who was willing to sacrifice his only son to God and thus won His test and heart had failed Him. Since He created everything from matter [flesh] and simply breathed the spirit into it, He knew the flesh would overtake the Law and that would need His intervention to perpetuate the Life and Creation. Bible tells us that  “Creation was subjected to futility, not of its own will but by the will of the one who subjected it in hope that the creation itself will be set free from bondage to decay and obtain freedom of the glory of the Children of God” Romans: 8.20-21. These words embody the great cycle of Time or Creation. Creation was done in hope of God and His hope was destroyed by disobedience and thus death came and reestablishment became a necessity.

Time is a cycle. It is an un-questionable reality. How it forms a cycle, where is the point of origin, is the question that remains. Jesus says I am the point. I exist forever. I control the Time and its movement. I am the image of the my Father, I have come to fulfill, the will of My Father, What I speak is what My Father asked Me to speak, what I do is what my Father has asked Me to do. [John: 5.30, Mathew: 11.27]. This means the secret of the whole exist hidden in Him. We are failing to perceive it. The fact that He said that He would come again meant some great Plan is being enacted through Him. It is the Plan of Redeeming Humanity and restoring Life to the Universe that is not yet complete but is in progress. This means the real direction or Path exists hidden in HIM. He thus very decisively proclaims I am the path. This calls us to know the path.

Jesus teaching tells very clearly that He exist some where in the circle of Time and through Him Time initializes and He controls Time. Now if you choose a point in a circle there are two paths to this point one clock-wise and the other anti-clockwise. Human mind and his inferior intellect only sees one direction, the other that is hidden is beyond human intellect. Mankind thus sees problems from outside and he seeks answers from outside. Jesus preached the opposite, the problem comes from inside and the answers also exist inside right in the heart its powers and the powers of light that created it. Man thinks he is intelligent, but he is the most unintelligent. He is like a sheep where the dominant moves every other sheep move. He is depended on teachers, scriptures and fails to see God, the greatest teacher or the God who exist next to Him, within Him, and out side Him as a shepherd. He fails to know the spirit that gives life to his material body. [John: 5.39-44]. The teaching of Jesus speaks elaborately on it and He was aware that His own people let go the others, would not perceive His reality. Bible tells His people would repent, when He makes His Second Coming and Reveals everything that is hidden. Central to this inability to perceive Jesus is the mind of humanity with his own “self” or the inferior intellect. This means the Lord has to break this inferior intellect before He Redeems the world. The only way open for HIM is to let mankind take his way and get into all the trouble and stand helpless crying to HIM. Good Lord thus remains a silent witness in the darkness whispering the words of life that gives life, causes the Genesis or Creation. Those who hear Him move to Him in the Darkness, other move the opposite way. These two ways since they are opposite will lead to a Time when it is stressed for a union. This then results in singularity – 2. This singularity is what is embodied in the words of Christ Mathew: 10.26 [Singularity ”“1 are the three days and Night Between His sacrifice at Calvary and His resurrection]. When the unity occurs the great light reveals and every body gets initialized to the Kingdom of God. Not only His people who failed to recognize Him, but also the whole world. Let us elaborate what it means.

We discussed about two paths. One of the two paths in the circle is true the other is false. One of them is the path of the Lord. Being in two roads at the same Time denies the basic law.  The advocators of material world have uncovered this truth [Pauli’s Exclusion Principle]. Jesus spoke this truth 2000 years back. You cannot please both Satan and God at the same Time [Mathew 6.24].

Faith is a path through the hidden to the source. It is the submission of the inferior intellect to the superior intellect that created everything by His Will.  In contrast material science is the expression of inferior human intellect tinted with two evils conquering motive and corruption. It thus has moved form the simplicity to complex chaotic world where humanity is lost forever with more questions and problems emerging than he solved and thus is creating a vortex in which he is getting strangulated. To understand this all we have to do is to free our self of all evil and retreat for a moment and look at our “self” and the world we live in today. We are incapable of doing it because of the flesh or matter. Thus the Spirit of the Father gives the power to His Son. Son gives it to the His chosen ones and through them it comes open for the whole world ”“ A wave is initiated by the spirit of the Father through His Son and the selected ones, that is opposite to where the materialistic mind of humanity is taking the world. It becomes free for all those who wish to enter it. The word, the light, [John: 1.1-5] that created the universe and ever living was carried and kept free for all, through Christ and His act at Calvary. But this was done in the dark and void [Just as child is conceived in the womb of mother]. Jesus knew that unless man’s inferior, intellect is defeated no true victory can come forth. Jesus work is not complete unless He initializes the intellect of Humanity. A revelation thus is a necessity for total victory and establishment of the Kingdom of God. The word of Jesus, Mathew 6- 26 speaks it. Also see Romans: 8.18-25]

Common man lives in the world of matter [flesh], where human mind and his senses play an important role.  We are now in the era of a great vortex of material knowledge that is opposite to the spiritual. It is the dominant force that is ruling us. It is the product of human intelligence tainted with conquering and corrupt motive. The proponents of the dominant force claim that they are the light bearers and source of knowledge, but in reality they are the proponents of darkness and death. Knowledge out to have brought peace, order, health happiness —-. However their path has resulted in opposite results. The present world is direct proof. Their foundation lies broken and shattered. Mankind today stands helpless against nature in utter fear and uncertainty. Bible tells us very clearly that flesh is a reality. The law gets weakened by flesh and thus deteriorates to death [Romans: 8.3]

The world of spirit of God is superior one. It formed the whole world. It is the energy, which goes to form everything. Bible says not one thing in the world is made with out HIM, the spirit [John: 1.3]. The flesh is inferior. Flesh is the mixture of two spirits the superior and inferior. It is equivalent to the knowledge of matter. Matter is made of energy and it has two forms Potential and Kinetic that exist as a ratio. Potential energy is directed to seizure of motion, kinetic energy is directed to motion and thus life.  Thus man is prone to be influenced by both evil spirit and Holy Spirit, he breaks the law under the influence of flesh or evil spirit [Romans: 8.3]. The law had to be restored and thus spirit works to recreate. Genesis and there by restoration of the law comes into act, from the moment the law was broken.

However, the real spiritual realm and its superiority are perceived by only a handful of selected people who were touched by the spirit of the Higher Self and experienced its life giving property. Through their preaching hundreds and thousands of people in turn have come to the realm of spirit to experience the spirit and its life giving property to various degrees. These people in turn have set out preaching and interpreting Bible, many of them forming their own methods of prayer often developing their own school. However, the GREAT SECRET OF BIBLE or the True Knowledge has remained beyond human intelligence and thus mankind exists in an uncertain state between matter, spiritual realm and incapable of differentiating the two spirits, the evil and Good. Every materialist has an element of spirituality and every spiritualist has an element of materialism. Unless this is settled the victory and work to which the Father sent the Son remains incomplete.

Human mind, his senses and his intelligence and his material nature are a reality and it clashes with his faith. Bible tells that he was created out of matter and thus has in him the elements of evil spirit. [Romans: 8.3]. This evil spirit co-exists with the Holy Spirit and comes into act when Holy Spirit rests. Faith is a realm where the mind is skipped. It is the acceptance of the Higher in the darkness. The Great secret that is evident in nature is that the seed of light exist in the darkness and seed of darkness exist in light vice-versa.This is the truth that exists within in every individual and exists next to his Skin, yet mankind fails to perceive it. Lack of knowledge of this truth is the cause for all the ill health suffering and the cause of endangered world we are living in. It is the Great Secret and the most fundamental Secret that Bible so elaborately speaks but the inferior mind of humanity occupied with “self” fails to understand.  Bible describes this truth. It calls upon us to perceive light in dark and stay with it unflinchingly against all the adversities and fight darkness when you are in light. You cannot fight darkness with out True Light and the ultimate aim of Redemption should be to give the Real Light to whole of humanity. We cannot ordinarily perceive it so He comes to Live with us and lead us to Light. His intellect becomes only open to the one who follows his consciousness and sacrifices his intellect at His feet. One of the pre-condition to Revelation is that He should break the “self” of humanity. So He gives human intellect his way and so that it get into all sorts of trouble and leads to immense misery and approaches death, but the good God acts before death. In other words He does not even hurt humanity by breaking his “self”, in fact he respects it by giving it Free Will.  Just as He acted in Calvary to defeat Death, He acts to defeat human intellect to give life to the whole and in time He reveals the True Light to bring order to establish the Kingdom of God. This is the great plan of Redemption. But we are opposing it out of our ignorance. Only when this ignorance is broken will the Redemption and initialization of Time occurs. Lord is acting to wipe human ignorance. He is trying to speak the Great Science of His world, but we are failing to hear His voice. But Time is not far when we stand crying helplessly for His intervention to save us.

The fact that we are forced to survive in the material vortex makes it very difficult for an individual to differentiate between true and evil spirit and thus they compromise with material aspect and evil that is ruling us. This is the one reason why thousands who gets cured in prayers meetings but falls back to old state. They continue to express their conquering and corrupt motive. Even the mind and intelligence of spiritual advocators are prone to fail them and make them fall back into the power of the material vortex, as their communion with higher realm weakens. This danger lurking the spiritualist and need to survive the material vortex till the Time arrives is clearly spoken by Jesus see Mathew 10.22-23

Logically it means that the spiritual realm can establish it self only when the material realm is defeated conclusively and this can only happen when, what exist beyond human intelligence comes with in the reach of human intelligence. Or Science has to be taken into higher order where it accepts the reality of Spiritual Creation.  In Other words the great secret of Bible should get revealed in such a manner that it is understandable to everyone breaking every borders and schools, both materialistic and religious. Jesus hinted to this reality-taking place in future in His verses Mathew 20.26-27, and through His disciples [Romans: 8.18-24]

In the above verses Jesus was assuring His disciples and through His disciples to humanity that the great secret will be revealed to human intelligence and then the truth and the beauty of what they preached from faith [darkness], shines forth with no doubts and the victory will be theirs along with the Lord. Jesus probably was speaking a simple secret of nature, the cycle of light and darkness and its unity. The seed of light is enclosed in the darkness and seed of darkness is enclosed in the light and this reverses it self as the TIME cycle moves. Light is real and is the ruler of darkness. Darkness is simply is the field in which it moves. It is the body in which it exists. Bible tells us church is the body of Christ. Bible preaches the truth how mankind should live in the cycle of day and night.The advocators of material world think they exist in light, but they in fact hold the seed of darkness and their path, in the cycle of Time, leads to darkness and death. The advocators of spiritual world who are speaking from beyond the realm of their mind from the root or the essence [heart, consciousness and light that exist hidden in it] appears nonsensical to the dominant materialistic group naturally leading to ridicule and persecution. All this will turn upside down when the Higher Intellect shines. Precisely Jesus predicts it. See Mathew: 19.27-30.

The great question now boils down to how this reversal occurs. From our arguments above there are two paths

1] One the spiritual science of retreat to the source by faith surpassing the human intellect and senses,

2] The other is the path of the advocators of material science that uses the inferior power of the human intellect that is tainted with conquering and corrupt motive.

Lord is aware of both these path. Great development in science has come from great spiritualist and all these great developments have come breaking the old foundation and now it has come one circle to the beginning, pointing and forcing humanity to review what it denied at its foundation – the consciousness and mind of human beings. Today science stands without a foundation.

The reckless exploitation of the partial knowledge without understanding the inter-relationship and oneness of nature, mankind has created his own grave. Mother earth is quaking, burning, erupting violently. The cycle of nature, the climate is changing abruptly, nations have risen against nations, and mankind has risen against mankind. Destruction unimaginable is virtually perceivable to even common man and yet the human offices’ shaping the world is not coming to their senses. The sign of end Time given by Jesus appears to be occurring [Mathew: 24.3, Luke: 21.7-25]. It is Time the Lord to act to complete the Redemption. The signs of His Second Coming are virtually taking place. Since 2000 the signs have become very clear. Earth is quaking, burning, flooding than ever before and stars exploding. We have witnessed big bangs in space that are next only to Big bang. The only hope is Lords return and His assurance that he would keep this period of misery short for the sake of His chosen people. See Mathew: 24.21-22

The question comes how will the redemption get completed. The word of Jesus through His disciple Mathew with which we began this article speaks it. All that is covered will be revealed in a manner that that is understandable to all, the spiritualist as well as materialist. That will remove the uncertainty and brings up a Second singularity and decides the victory. Light shines forth on everything and darkness gets defeated. The Kingdom of God gets initialized for a New Cycle. Mankind enters a new realm of Knowledge, Life with God, one with nature. ”“ With the Knowledge of the Creation given to humanity the Creator takes Control.

But this singularity is attained with a price. The curtain that was once lifted at Calvary [First Singularity] will now fall differentiating white from black. In this Second Singularityor Second Comingphase all the uncertainty in which humanity existed vanishes to see reality, seeing reality initiates the initialization into the Kingdom of God. Just as the particles settle to their destined place by their density in a centrifuge, every one falls in to their own slot by their inner content. God does not Judge He gives the Free Willto every one to take any side or place he seeks. Christ becomes the means through which every people return to Kingdom of God. Thus He proclaims I am the Gate [John: 10.9].  One who heard Him in the dark stays to His right and the other to the left, some near to Him and some far from Him. The second singularity here is only a point of transition from one Time Cycle to another. With it what was conceived in Calvary for the sake of Redemption of His People and the Whole World gets delivered. With it the Truth and Justice takes its rightful position. Initialization could be compared to birth of Child in a family of two, the black and white, female and male. The birth of Child is a happy state and the future belongs to the child.

The whole process could be compared to perpetuation that undergoes in living system, which is known to every biologist in detail except one vital fact ”“ The Essence [This is discussed in the second part]

Just as the seed/essence of the of the Father unites with essence of the mother and constructs a new body out of the old for it to perpetuate, Jesus has come to live with us to perpetuate a New World. Bible thus calls Him IMMANNUEL. For three days and three nights he was one with the world causing the Singularity. All the broken Laws are renewed here. Then He Resurrected proved Himself to His disciples and told His people to go and proclaim to the world the Good News. With it He created a new vortex with in the old that would take charge of the future. This vortex has grown in parallel with the human material quest. He remained a silent observer, whispering in the void, the living secret. Thus Jesus and His teaching have emerged as a powerful knowledge or light. It has emerged as The Great Attractorpulling every one who hears the whisper of the void. The personal experience of millions seems to increase not only their faith but attract others to it. In contrast to it the foundation of materialistic knowledge or science has broken. The materialistic knowledge system has begun to increasingly fail humanity leading to death. The world we live in speaks the truth on our face. Common man has begun to perceive it, not the human offices that rule the destiny.

Jesus knew the process that is taking place through Him by the will of His Father. He was creating new out of the Old in the darkness. He thus compared the Time of Second Coming to a woman having pangs of pains to deliver her baby. If the delivery fails then there is danger to the life of mother as well as the child and thus to the secret of perpetuation of Truth and Justice and Law. Thus He said He would remain with His disciples till the end of Time. Thus He authoritatively said His Father through Him would reveal the great Secret to the intellect of humanity such that Time gets initialized and the Kingdom of God gets established and thus fulfill the duty to which the Father has sent Him. [Mathew-10.26]

The Lord the creator was quite aware that humankind’s consciousness is bound by intellect tinted with conquering motive and corruption and thus is in the grip of the evil and thus it cannot conquer death. So He does, not only the act of conceiving New life at Calvary but Redeeming His people, [This redemption of His people is comparable to the seed conceived constructing new body out of the old in the womb of the mother——-], but also acts to deliver what was conceived at Calvary and thus initialize Time. [Redemption of the whole in to the Kingdom of the Lord, for the birth of child is Good News and is a moment of Joy ——]. He is aware that human intellect is incapable of perceiving the light that exists behind His consciousness. So He has to intervene again to reveal the light that rules the consciousness and thus complete the Redemption and initialization of Time. Thus Lord says my plan is for the good of you. See Jeremiah 29:11.  It restores Truth, Justice and Law.

The two paths we discussed is the two direction of Time, one from the periphery to the center and the other from the center to the periphery. It is the Pulse of the Living Universe. Secret of Calvary occurred, when Time tended to the center and reversal became a necessity. A Time reversal also becomes a necessity when the Time tends from center the periphery.  Jesus was quit aware of the two ends of Time cycle. At Calvary He became the single point at the center that took upon Him force of universal directed Time and reversed the direction of Universal Time. He thus reveled the great secret of conquering Time and death. He explained the secret in depth. He was quit aware of the need of His intervention again at the periphery to turn the Time around back to His Father. Unlike the previous case this turn around of Time is bound to influence all points in space. This means every material systems and every living systems will be influenced by the process. All the material system, all the living systems except humanity will change by instinct, but humanity whose inferior intellect is the cause for the direction of time fails to perceive unless it is revealed to him.

Now it becomes evident why Lord made one single command not to eat from the tree at the center and what Bible gives us is the Art of Life one with God – A life that creates least friction and thus controls time.

Science is quite aware of two unflinching universal laws, the first law of thermodynamics and the second law of thermodynamics. The first states that nothing is created and nothing is destroyed. They simply change forms and all forms of energy can be deduced to heat. The second states that all motion and change is accompanied by some loss of heat to the environment. This means in Time the world leads to “heat death”. Every system both material and living is forced to change it self in relation to this change in the environment. Every living system perceives it.   One exception is human intellect that is in the grip of the evil ”“ the conquering motive and corruption. No instrument of our creation can ever measure this change, for the instrument is a part guided by the law. In fact the inferior human intellect is the cause for the Time direction to death that necessitates the intervention of the Father to give new pulse or life to His Created Universe. In every vital breakthrough in science the Lord was whispering this, but the intellect of mankind filled with conquering and corrupt motive failed to hear. He sidestepped the warning of “heat death” to the world revealed to humanity by taking solace in Random Theory and continued to express his conquering motive and corruption. Today that demon is spreading its wings in the form of Climate Change and natural disasters, but the human offices are failing to perceive. The Time Jesus said appears to have neared.  

The simple Science of God and Humans

Random theory states that, a system containing millions of particles with in it exists in random manner between two states 0 and 1. Here zero and one are rare possibilities, but these possibilities are not excluded from the theory. Suppose if we take a box containing a million black and white balls in equal proportion moving in random manner within it and imagine a partition that separated it into left and right. The “0” is the possibility of finding all the white and black balls on one side, and “1” is the possibility of finding all the black balls to left and white balls to right. Bible tells us that Jesus incarnated in to the world and made the Self-Sacrifice to Redeem the sins of human being that came with first sin. Not one human being was left on the face of earth who was worthy of HIS Father.  This clearly indicates that it was the “O” of the random world or the point of Gravitational collapse or death to the world. Situations where in all balls have move to one side. A new breath or new life to the world became a necessity. It was fulfilled in the Calvary. Calvary is the Conception of Kingdom of God. Jesus was aware that what is conceived needs to be delivered to initiate a new cycle of life and family. Redemption will only become complete with this delivery. Thus He said He would make a Second Coming separating the dark form white. No wonder He stated, “I am the Gate for the sheep”,John: 10.7. Now this explains the Secret of Creation and existence with a difference. The spiritualist, over looked their intellect and by faith accept and look forward to the Master in control with hope for the Victory to Justice and Truth, but the materialist by their intellect without faith are lost for ever in a world of darkness. They have moved from simplicity in utter complexity, disorder where injustice and untruth is taking their life.

The great scientist, the patent office clerk to whom the 2005 is dedicated, worked relentlessly to overthrow the random theory for nearly 40 years. He came close to it when he introduced Ant-gravity, cosmological constant, talked about constants, which are ratios, but failed. I the Servant of the Lord, write to you what he failed with my limitation to express in mathematical language. The scientist have over looked in spite of tapping the their door repeatedly.  I realize now that it is not their fault; they are bonded to matter and work within some perimeters to understand the truth that exist next to their skin. When looks to history of science the most unflinching laws and foundations of science have come great chairs of science but out side it. All great researchers are also great spiritualist.

Genesis speaks of creation from the Lord. Human kind, Bible tells us was created in His [Lords] own image. He created everything in pairs. One male and the other female. This tells us God has two images. One that is feminine the other masculine. The Calvary depicts the feminine phase of the God that conceives by forgiving every sin of its own creation just as the mother does with His Son and Father reacts to a prodigal son. Calvary depicts an act of Absolute and unconditional Love. Only this act is beyond the second law of thermodynamics.The act of pure love proceeds with out friction and thus capable of arresting Time. It is Love of the mother and Father that is secret of Calvary and Second Coming.The Second Coming is then the birth of the light and the word or the Masculine image, which truly is the first image that holds up Justice and Truth and rules the family. He comes not to punish but to kill the ignorance and initialize humanity in to Truth and Justice and thus bring the order back into to the disordered world.  This out to be Revelation of the Secret of Life and its self-organizingnature, the birth of light that was conceived in the world at Calvary gave the warmth that ignites fire of life. As He reveals as the Great Attractorevery individual beyond all barriers will get self-organized and thus the whorl gets organized.  The Second Coming is then the emergence of Great Attractor or the self-organizing principle of universal system

The humble Servant
With the above introduction before I go further let me introduce briefly myself. I was a researcher in the field of Biotechnology. I was a non-believer. I had defined religion as invention of the intelligent to rule the ignorant. I took to research from my consciousness. I chose the profession not as means to life but as a way to contribute some thing to humanity. This conviction led me to troubles. I started seeing immense faults in the foundation of science and my intellect failed to compromise to get imprisoned in the institution called science and its general tendencies. The price I had to pay was the sacrifice of my career as a scientist and accepts the life of a small farmer. With out my knowledge I had freed my self from the Plato’s Chair of Science at the mouth of the cave. In the New found freedom, nature began to reveal the pages of her book randomly. The spiritual realm began to take shape in me. I must admit the order to the pages that nature revealed in random manner came only when I submitted my intellect and accepted death in a prayer meeting. The page of the book that nature revealed to my questioning process and me, I realized was nothing but Bible. The duty to which I am called for was revealed in this prayer meeting.  I had gone there more out of curiosity and to check the explanation I had developed for Miracle Cures in prayer meetings.

I realized I was called to the duty to take science to higher realm and unite it with spiritual realm. Much of my emphasis was directed to reestablish material science on to a new foundation such that it accounts for all the developments in science and goes ahead to explains everything that science has failed to explain sensibly and lead it to the spiritual realm. Thus I set about revealing the flaws of science, exploring the fundamental design and principle of nature, reviewing the developments in science and its complexity, such that it fits into a simple design and the principle which leads in the end to Calvary and the secret behind it that unifies the dual world into one and thus initializes Time. This article is part of this relentless struggle to full fill my duty.


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