Different Kinds of Angels in Writing

The Bible is not the only text that angels make an appearance in. The winged messengers from heaven usually take the form of humans , especially females. Angels represent love and guidance with a connection to a higher being, such as God. When humans are in need, angels are often called upon to heal wounds, comfort, rescue, and give guidance. In writing, angels are called by different names and represent different hierarchies.

In the Bible, there are three main groups of angels: cherubim, seraphim, and archangels. In the Bible, the three groups of angels are mentioned throughout with specific reference about 273 times , depending on the version of text you read. An explanation of the different kinds of angels and the passages that mention them includes:

Archangels ,

Archangels are considered “chief messengers” that serve as the primary messengers between God and the rest of mankind. They are seen as having a high rank, and appear in many texts of different religious groups, including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. For example, Michael and Gabriel are archangels that appear in Judaism. Most Christians also recognize these angels.

In the New Testament, you will find a great deal of text devoted to angels, especially those who have delivered messages to Mary, Joseph, and shepherds. Angels appear in many vital parts of the Bible, including at the tomb of the risen Christ. They also help those in need, as seen when they free Apostles Peter and Paul from prison. In this version of the Bible, there are only two references made to ‘archangels.’ In Jude 1:9, Michael is mentioned, while the ‘voice of an archangel’ is heard in I Thessalonians 4:16.

Cherubim ,

Cherubim are considered the second highest angels to God. They are seen as the same as the Hayyoth in Hebrew text and the Kerubim in Islam teachings. They are mentioned in the Torah (the five books of Moses), the Book of Ezekiel, and the Book of Isaiah. An example of a description of cherubim is found with the prophet Ezekiel. He is said to have four faces of a man, lion, eagle and ox. The creatures are described as having the stature and hands of a man, but the feet of a calf. Four wings are found on the cherubim with two of them extending upward in such a way that they sustain the throne of God. The other two are positioned downward where they cover up the creatures.

Seraphim ,

This group of angels is considered highest and closest to God that are often spoken of in Judaic and Christian religious texts. The name ‘seraphs’ translate into ‘burning ones’ and described as six-winged beings with fiery characteristics that attend to God. In the hierarchy of angels, they are seen as the fifth of the ten ranks in medieval and modern Judaism circles, while they occupy the highest rank of angels in Christianity.