End-of-the-World Prophecies

When it comes to the end of the world and other prophecies linked to the world drastically changing, many religious figures have shared their predictions with what was to become of earth or certain parts of the globe. In this article, you will encounter reoccurring themes of darkness that lasts for three days, as well as red clouds with the power to take many lives.

Palma Maria d’Oria

D’Oria lived during the 1800’s and believed that when the last days of earth were near, a brief yet “furious” war would take place. She predicted that supernatural prodigies would appear in the sky. Just as with a prophecy stated by Maria Taigi in the previous article, d’Oria also saw three days of darkness that would be responsible for taking the lives of people who attempting to brave the elements outside of their homes. This theme of three days of darkness continues throughout time.

Sister Mary of Jesus of Pau

A nun from the 1800’s also predicted three days of darkness to take hold of the world, where only 25% of the population across the world would remain.

Catherine Emmerich

Emmerich was a Roman Catholic Augustinian nun of the 1800s, who recalled being told that an intense increase in evil would take over the people in the world 50 to 60 years before the End. She believed that the end of the world would take place in 2000. For more on the visions and life of Catherine Emmerich, check out the article titled, “The Visions of Catherine Emmerich.”

Marie Julie Jahenny of La Faudais

If you think three days of darkness is scary, what about red clouds that look like blood covering the entire earth? As a result, the clouds will lead to the destruction of ¾ of the population in the world. According to Marie Julie Jahenny of La Faudais (who lived towards the end of the 1800s), a great famine will cause vegetation to wither and die. Crops will cease to grow. Earthquakes will strike the earth, causing the oceans to flood the land. Many cities on the coast will suffer numerous deaths.

Franciscan Friar of Mt. Sinai

This Franciscan Friar lived during the 1800s and foretold a time in the future where England would lose all of its colonies. He predicted that a handful of cities in Italy would be destroyed and many Germans would lose their lives in the country. However, he saw that by 1957, all the wounds would undergo a period of healing.

Sister Bertina Bouquillion

Before Bertina Bouquillion passed away in 1850, she predicted that the anti-Christ would make an appearance during the 20th century.

Balthassar Mas

Living during the 1600’s, Balthassar Mas believed that there would come a time where England would temporarily find itself submerged by water. However, the country would still recover from this event.