Exploring Mythologically-Themed Cups at Abaxion

Mythological creatures and other imagery often play an important role in many different rituals. Gargoyles, dragons, and mermaids are just some of the images some of the cups at Abaxion offers the public. In this article, we will touch upon items, such as the Pewter Gargoyle Chalice and the Fairy Magick Goblet.


With the Pewter Gargoyle Chalice in your possession, you can tap into the power of these creatures with a reputation for being rather fierce in past text and artworks. While you are used to seeing gargoyles not only decorating medieval cathedrals, they also served as rain spouts. From there, they somehow found their way into the pagan world of goblin tales and beliefs. Over the years, gargoyles have been connected to many different pieces of historic belief, such as providing spiritual protection, offering guardianship, as well as lending a hand in magical conquests. This particular chalice is fashioned from pewter and offers the scene of a gargoyle in a guarding position, which adds to the 6-inch height.


The Winged Dragon Tankard provides the vision of a dragon, which is known to represent extreme force, power, as well as beauty and grace (depending on who you speak to). When browsing the pages of various mythological publications, you will find that the dragon is said to possess magical powers that can be used for both good and evil purposes. The dragon on this goblet selection is in an upright position, which may bring power to the one who holds the cup. This pewter item will hold 1 pint of liquid. For a different look and approach, there is also the Gothic Dragon Chalice to consider.


Hailing from the pages of your imagination, this Pewter Mermaid Chalice has a knack for bringing the best as well as the worst out of those who believe in this legend, which has conflicting viewpoints regarding what side mermaids stand on. Some tales depict mermaids as life-saving visions, while others portray the little ladies as bringing people close to the end of their lives. As a water spirit, the mermaid will bring about an ample amount of energy with her presence. Standing 6 inches tall, this cup is also made from pewter.


Ancient castles hold a power all of their own as they showcase a beauty that only grows with time. Castles have found in a place in rituals because they stand for protection, as well as a way that people find security from unknown forces. With the Pewter Castle Chalice, you will possess an attractive design that stands 6 inches tall.


Decorating the outside of the cup, the Unicorn Chalice is said to bring about positive energy to alters when used during rituals. Standing around 8 ½ inches, this will also make a great decoration as everyday home scenery. Fairies are another common sight to decorate the inside of mythological books. These attractive and minute representations of the supernatural world often symbolize the in-between nature of heaven and earth. Fairies are natural spirits that both represent the good, as well as evil realms. 16 ounces of liquid will fit inside this beautifully crafted goblet of cobalt glass and pewter, which is called the Fairy Magick Goblet.