God Sends Visions- Satan Sends Apparitions

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While reading the forgotten Book of Adam and Eve I ran across an interesting instruction from God that was given to Jared. God apparently warned Jared about being led astray by the sons of Cain. Throughout the whole book, Satan uses apparitions to deceive Adam, Cain, Able, Seth, and the descendents of Gods elect. From the information I digested, I feel it’s safe to say that Satan does NOT have the ability to see your inner thoughts or control them. But Satan DOES have the ability to transform himself and appear as apparitions. In the Book of Adam and Eve, Satan tries to beguile Adam and Eve time and time again by appearing to them in a physical state in the form of an apparition.

God Warns Jared Of Apparitions

When I read the following verse in The Book of Adam and Eve I had to stop and ponder a little while.

Chapter XIX: Verse 3-  “But, 0 Jared, take care of the fire, that it burn bright in the lamp; neither go thou again out of the cave until thou receivest an order through a vision, and not in an apparition, when seen by thee”

God directly warned Jared of apparitions and tells him that he will speak in Visions..  He obviously said this because Satan has the power of Apparition but Satan does NOT have the power to send Visions. We know that statement corresponds to the Official Bible Cannon also. God speaks to his prophets through visions and dreams, where as Satan can only influence from outside our own minds.

Does God Send Apparitions?

We know God CAN send apparitions. The apparition of the star that led Herod’s wise men to Baby Jesus, Moses and Elijah appear at the transfiguration on the mount, and a few others provide strong evidence God can and has sent apparitions. Also it is accepted that God can send his angels to intercede for a person. The evidence seems to suggest that Satan and Angels share similar abilities, hence Satan is an Angel; where as only God can read and speak to a man’s heart and mind as well as perform apparitions..

How Does This Information Help?

Basically this information tells us we should double-check the legitimacy of apparitions and that “Visions” is God’s secure communication path that Satan can not exploit. Now this doesn’t mean that all prophets are of God, as we know false prophets have and will arise, nor does it stand conclusive that all apparitions are of Satan. But at the very least, it does tell us to beware of apparitions as it is one of Satan’s greatest powers over us.

Real World Examples

Marian Apparition at Fatima is a prime example of an apparition to be skeptical of. Satan will deceive the whole world and one of his major moves is apparitions.

The Muddy Water

Even with this vital piece of information, the waters are still very muddy. The only way to tell if an apparition is of God would be to compare it to scripture. But the waters become muddy because the Word Of God has been ALTERED!  Many subscribe to the conclusion that the KJV Bible is “God’s Infallible Inspired Word”, but the problem is that the KJV Bible itself declares that the Torah contains LIES…

Jeremiah 8:8- “”‘How can you say, “We are wise, for we have the law of the LORD,” when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely?

And wasn’t Jesus totally bashing the Pharisees and Sadducees because of their “Laws”?  YES he was!  Jesus absolutely HATED the Sacrificial Laws of the Torah.  Ask yourself, could the True and Just God really command sacrificing innocent animals or people??  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  The whole “Blood Covenant” has been ALTERED to suit man’s desires.  Jesus brought the message to the Jews to END the Sacrificial practices as it would only bring greater condemnation, But the Jews despised the very thought of that and would not accept it.

The True Law

Love One Another and ALL Creatures Of God as you Love Yourself. In doing so you are fulfilling The Law.  This is the True Law, and you can see the part the the Scribes erased.  Satan causes men to transgress the Holy Law by introduction of the Sacrificial Ordinances. Killing God’s innocent creatures for the pleasures of your stomach, sport, or finance is a transgression of the Holy law.