Good Fruit Vs. Bad Fruit

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Matthew 7:15-16- Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?

Good Fruit

An Apple Tree draws ground water and nutrients from the soil and releases that water back into the atmosphere. The nutrients that were taken from below are deposited again on the top of the soil. The process can go on forever.  An apple tree is an example of a “Perfect System” that will run forever if it’s not disrupted.  It provides nice shade, plenty of oxygen, homes for birds and wildlife, and best of all FOOD.
The FRUIT from such a wonderful tree is Apples!  These delicious Vitamin-Packed fruits nourish the body, provide hydration, and provide us energy.

  • Apples come in their own packaging right from the branch.  Apple skin is water-proof and keeps the nasties out.
  • Apples have a built-in expiration date. When the skin is rotting it’s bad.
  • Apples need no preparation to eat.  Other than washing, No cooking or cutting is necessary.
Apple Waste will naturally be broken down and turned into rich life-giving soil that will feed other life.  Good bugs and organisms consume the apple’s waste and produce rich soil which nourishes other plants. The plants produced in-turn nourishes the animals as well as humans. And the cycle continues with no-waste and no pollutants.


The Apple Seeds grow into new Apple Trees thus producing apples 100 fold.  Eating an apple and planting the seeds actually replenishes the food stock and encourages nature to produce more life.

This is clearly an example of “Choosing Life”. This lesson is embedded everywhere we look in nature.


Bad Fruit

Animal farming is horrible for us and the animals. Forced breeding and fattening up of livestock absolutely kills our environment.  More pollution is produced from animal farming than transportation, energy, and heating combined.

Animals feel pain. They suffer horribly.
When an animal is killed it does not lead to more food. Animals become a depleted resource unless we force them to reproduce as quickly as possible.  The babies are fed unnatural diets and stuffed up very rapidly to be slaughtered. Even when we breed and overfeed them, the stock is still depleting.

The flesh from the slaughtered animal needs to be carefully extracted, cured, and cooked.  It is NOT a natural food source for humans unless we go through many steps to make it edible.  The fats therein saturate our blood causing obesity, decay, clogged arteries, heart attack, parasites, etc.

This is clearly an example of “Choosing Death”.

Although there is much to gain from religion, don’t let religion distort the messages that the True God puts right in front of your face.
The LAW is written in our hearts- NOT A Book.