Highlights in Christianity Timeline: 1600 – 1830

After 1600, an increase in the number of different churches and religions was experienced around the world. Also, the spread of Christianity was supported by the sending out of missionaries who went out into the world to convert people to their religion. An important version of the Christian Bible was also created during this time period.

1610 to 1795 , The founding of many different churches take place.

Many other churches started to emerge during this time period with religions that included Baptist, Congregationalist, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Quaker (Society of Friends).

1611 , The King James Version of the Bible is published.

Also known as the King James Bible or KVJ, the English translation of the Christian Bible by the Church of England started in 1604 and was finished in 1611. This Bible became the third official translation into English , following in the footsteps of the Great Bible commissioned by the Church of England during the reign of King Henry VIII and the Bishop’s Bible released in 1568. This version was created because of the perceived issues that the Puritans had detected in earlier translations. King James I  of England promoted the changes. James gave the translators instructions to make sure that the new version would conform to the structure of the Church of England and the ordained clergy. Forty-seven scholars participated in the translation. They were all members of the Church of England.

1800 to 1900 , The Age of the Mission.

The number of Christians in the world doubles by the end of the century because of the efforts of Western Churches who send missionaries to every country across the globe.

1830 , The Church of the Latter-Day Saints is founded.

In Fayette, New York, the Church of the Latter-Day Saints (associated with the Mormons) is founded in 1830 in the United States. Joseph Smith (a religious leader who was regarded as a prophet by his followers) jumpstarted the Latter Day Saint movement that would become the largest denomination of the movement. With headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, established congregations started to spring up and the construction of temples appeared across the globe. At any given time, more than 50,000 missionaries are found in the world with the church claiming a membership that continues to grow with more than 14 million adherents. The church mainly follows the beliefs of Mormonism , a faith centered on a non-Protestant practice.