Highlights in Christianity Timeline

Since there are so many different viewpoints and religious groups associated with Christianity, adherents wished to unify or meet with one another to discuss the subjects that affected their faith, purpose and services. In this article, you will learn about a conference and council that aimed to bridge the distance between certain Christian groups. Other facts concerning the religion are also mentioned.

1910 , The International Missionary Conference is held.

The International Missionary Conference (also known as the 1910 World Missionary Conference) takes place in 1910, which serves as the first attempt in nearly 1,000 years to reunite churches. Influential denominations and missionary societies of the Protestant faith sent 1,200 representatives to Edinburgh, Scotland , hailing mostly from North America and Northern Europe. The conference lasted from June 14 to 23. Before the conference was held, eight commissions were assigned that consisted of 20 members each. They were given assigned topics that they would spend two years conducting research on. Each commission produced a single volume report, which was passed on to all of the delegates before they went to Scotland and discussed at the assembly their finding at the Conference.

The Eight Commissions included the following topics:

”¢    Carrying the Gospel to all the Non-Christian World
”¢    The Church in the Mission Field
”¢    Education in Relation to the Christianization of National Life
”¢    Missionary Message in Relation to the Non-Christian World
”¢    The Preparation of Missionaries
”¢    The Home Base of Missions
”¢    Missions and Governments
”¢    Co-Operation and the Promotion of Unity

1948 , The World Council of Churches is established.

The World Council of Churches was founded in 1948, which included nearly 350 global, regional and sub-regional, national and local churches that wished to unite and engage in Christian service. A collection of denominations participated in the Council that represented a Christian population of around 600 million people that originate from about 150 countries. In addition to pastors and priests, others were included, such as teachers, elders, and members of parish councils.

Other highlights and milestones associated with the Christian faith include:

”¢    915 , Olga of Russia converts to Christianity.

”¢    1431 , Joan of Arc is martyred , she is considered a national heroine in France, and is known as a Catholic saint who had visions of God and were punished for them.

”¢    1590 , Michelangelo completes the dome on the infamous St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

”¢    1956 , The first issue of Christianity Today goes into print.

”¢    1962 to 1965 , The Second Vatican Council radically reforms the Catholic Church on a worldwide level.

”¢    1989 , The first woman is ordained in an apostolic-succession church , the Protestant Episcopal church.

”¢    2005 , Pope John Paul II dies and Pope Benedict XVI is elected.

”¢    2007 , Boris Yeltsin becomes the first head of state in Russia since 1894 to have a Russian Orthodox funeral held.