Interesting Facts Regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls 2

For more interesting facts regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls, unknown tales regarding characters from the Bible were uncovered, including stories about Noah and Abraham. These stories were not found within the New Testament. This article also touches upon what the scrolls were made of, as well as the link between Judaism and Christianity.


Unknown Stories From the Bible

Stories not included in the Bible have been uncovered. These stories depict tales with Enoch, Noah and Abraham as the main characters. An explanation as to why God wanted Abraham to sacrifice his first born is also included within the writing.


Identification of Completed Scrolls

Completely identified scrolls include: 30 copies of the Psalms, 25 copies of Deuteronomy, as well as 19 copies of the Book of Isaiah.


Prophecies Regarding Important Figures in the Bible

Included in the Scrolls, prophecies from Jeremiah, Daniel and Ezekiel were located. These sections of the Scrolls are not included in the Bible and give interesting insight into a variety of issues.

What Are The Scrolls Made Of?

The scrolls are made from animal skins. Some have been fashioned from papyrus, where one is made from copper. The ink that is used is made from a carbon-based option. The handwriting is from right to left. No punctuation is detected except for a few indentations within the paragraphs. Making it even harder to decipher, a majority of the words in the Scrolls don’t even have any spaces between them.


Where Are the Major Texts Located?

The major texts that came from Caves 1 and 11 are on display in the Shrine of the Book museum, which can be visited in Jerusalem.


A Connection to Ancient Ruins

The caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered are associated with the ancient ruins of Qumram. During the early 1950s, it was excavated, highlighting a connection between the ancient area and the scrolls.


Judaism and Christianity

By studying the Dead Sea Scrolls, more information can be found regarding the religions of Judaism and Christianity. A link between the two religions is also clear when following the texts. It is suggested that Christianity shows roots in Judaism.


Not All For the Public

All of the scrolls that have been uncovered have not been translated and are not all on display for the public to see. Growing interest and pressure regarding the Scrolls have prompted researchers to move faster on the translation and display of these unique finds.


An Interesting Sale

In the Wall Street Journal, some of the Dead Sea Scrolls were placed for sale during 1954. Four of the Scrolls were up for sale, stating that it was a great gift for organizations focused on education or religion. Just imagine what the price for one of those was?


An Absence of a Reference

None of the Dead Sea Scrolls make a mention of the ministry of Jesus. His followers that are described within the text of the New Testament are not included as well.


The Most Published of the Scrolls

The fragments that were uncovered from Cave 4 are the most published of the Dead Sea Scrolls.