Logic Needs Consciousness- Proving God Exists

Many have asked for “Proof” God exists.  The usual fallback answer is “The Bible Proves Itself” and is the official word of God.  For most (including me), that isn’t enough..

Before I start, allow me to clarify that I do not believe the Bible (or any holy books for that matter) are 100% correct. I believe they all have been corrupted. But yet, I do believe in a creator..

My Argument

The thesis is-  “Logic can only exist if it was created from a source of consciousness.”

Lets take e-mail for example..  Email uses logic to work.  Try taking some raw materials like iron ore, sticks and dirt and try to send an e-mail from it.  It doesn’t work!  The materials have to be refined, and programmed with logic from a conscious being.  All Logic has to start from conscious understanding of how this “Logic” will work.. Only then can the Logic be executed.

For this thesis- we will assume 2 main categories of logic exist.  Man-Made Logic and Naturally Existing Logic.

Man-Made Logic- All Man-Made logic comes from the minds of humans. Computers, Pool Filters, Cars, Billing Systems, Door hinges, etc.  For any of these to exist in reality, a consciousness has to envision the logic then bring it to reality.  If there were no conscious beings on earth, there would be no door hinges.

Naturally Existing Logic– there is complex logic working around us every second of the day.  The geometrical pattern our DNA follows, evaporation, Pine-cones following the Fibonacci Sequence, ocean tides, lunar cycles, etc. etc. etc. The entire universe is filled with very complex Logic.  This natural logic is so precise that it keeps the universe in balance.

Where did this Natural Logic come from?  This is the question that stumps atheists. They will use vague answers, try to confuse the listener, and side-step answering this clearly. The truth is, science as we know it does not have an answer to this base question.

The Creator’s Consciousness

Just as Man-Made logic MUST come from the consciousness of humans, Natural Logic MUST come from a consciousness also.  This consciousness that created “Natural Logic” is defined as “The Creator”, as this consciousness created all logic that governs existence as we know it.

Many will try to debunk this and explain away “Natural Logic” but the explanations will be hollow. They will try to use complex language to confuse the reader, bring up side arguments, and dodge the question.   Stand firm on your question and repeat to them “Exactly where does Natural Logic come from which governs our reality?”  There is only one answer.