Mark of The Beast- Bloodshed and Meat

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666-, I haven’t figured it out yet. Many pieces are still out of grasp. Here is the pieces I do know..

1. Can’t buy or sell without the Mark-

You will understand this if you are Vegan. It’s almost impossible to to shopping without buying animal products. Even bread has L-cysteine which is Duck Feathers..

Shoes, Belts, Wallets, Purses, Leather car seats, Down Pillows, etc etc etc- ALL produced from animal suffering.. Computers, gadgets, electronics, just about everything is stained with blood.. Buying and Selling is difficult without taking the Mark.

2. The Whole World Is Fooled into getting the Mark.. Think about it- what percentage of the World is Vegan?? Truly, the ENTIRE WORLD is definitely fooled, the Whole World are Carnists.. The Whole World Kills for Pleasure.

3. Sores will break out on the bodies of those who have the Mark.. Pretty easy to grasp if Meat was the Mark..

So many people think the Mark is a Microchip.. Does this really make sense? Would getting a Microchip Piss God off So bad that he sends you into perdition? Like he is super pissed about being forced to get a chip? You know GOD judges men by their hearts.. He desires compassion and Mercy. Killing for the pleasure of your own stomach is much worse than abiding to a money system.

When we eat Meat, we become what we eat, so we become a Beast Ourselves. Hence it is the Mark of the Beast.

The entire bible is smothered with innuendos about eating meat. And read below about the “Great Supper”..

And I saw an angel standing in the sun, who cried in a loud voice to all the birds flying in midair, “Come, gather together for the great supper of God, so that you may eat the flesh of kings, generals, and the mighty, of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, great and small.”

I can pull you about 30+ verses describing this event when Carnists will be Eaten by the Beasts. As you see from above, Free, Slave, Great, and Small. These are the ones who took the Mark of the Beast, and since they gorged on flesh, now the Beasts will gorge on their corpses.

The covenant with Noah is probably the “Holy Covenant” which has been altered. According to the bible, all creatures are food for us but we must not eat the meat with blood.. This in itself makes no sense.. But according to Essene scripture, Genesis 9 covenant was that GOD gave us MILK from all creatures as food along with plants. So the Milk in itself is not bad. The problem is tho, todays Milk comes from raped cows that are sent to slaughter. So buying milk is supporting death and torture.. If we had our own goats and cows and let them pasture without killing and raping, Milk would be OK. But there is no milk available in the markets like that because it is unprofitable.

Eggs are not mentioned as OK anywhere that I find. But what’s absolutely true is the most Righteous way to live is in accordance to how we were designed, as outlined in Genesis 1:29-30. Eating plants, seeds, nuts, fruit, grain, and Herbs.

Back to the Holy Covenant, we can see from Revelation 10 that the Judgement angel who holds the Judgement Scroll has a “Rainbow” over his head.. This is signifying the Judgement is based on The Holy Covenant made with Noah. And basically, the terms of this covenant were to Not Eat Meat..

This is confirmed in many of Jesus’ actions, from him overthrowing the Money Changers tables and releasing the Sacrificial animals, to the Last Supper Bread and Wine Covenant, where he promises to raise us up if we eat Bread and Wine.

The truth has been hidden by Constantine and the Council of Nicea + other powerful men who wanted to protect their lusts and money.

It’s really the only view that doesn’t make GOD like like a Psychopath.